Democratic Socialists Gaining Ground?

Many people have not even heard of this group, much less understand what their objective is.  Why would anyone be concerned about democrats who have socialist leanings?

The answers to these questions should be of concern to everyone in America.

First we have to start with the question, “Where did this organization originate?”  Answer, with Bernie Sanders.  After losing his presidential election run, his followers created this organization to ‘carry the torch’ for him.  What too many Americans don’t know is that Mr. Sanders has been a Marxist his entire life.  Yes, the democrat party almost had a communist as a potential winner in a presidential election!  But alas, Hillary cheated him out of his role in the future of America — she wanted to take us to the same place!

So, enter the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  The problem is, one needs to understand what this ‘term’ means.  Democratic sounds good, “No?”  Answer, “No!”

This country is not a democratic country — we are a Republic.  We elect educated and informed representatives from around the country to represent their state’s view on which direction that state wants to pursue various topics.  A democratic state merely means that everyone has an equal vote on our future direction.  Which, I am sure, you know more than a few people you think shouldn’t be allowed in a polling booth much less determine your future!

As for the socialist part of that title, the word socialist is often used synonymous with communism — it is a ‘softer’ word for an evil ideology.  The DSA is a radical organization with the objective of turning America into a communist state.  Whether we like it or not, we already have far too many DSA members in congress now!

Ah, but wait!  Montana and Philadelphia have just had six more DSA members win in their primaries!  If they move forward and win their seats in congress, we’ll have a 136 DSA members instead of the current 130 we  have now.  And, we must consider that those who have formally joined the DSA have, in a sense, ‘come out’.  One must wonder how many more there are that are in congress staying in the closet for self preservation reasons.?

Hopefully, men and women in America will wake up before too long and stop this insanity …  in their polling booth.  We can only hope.

Democratic Socialists Win Primaries





America’s Status Regarding Jobs — Compared to Europe

The Left is apoplectic over the economy.  They’re going nuts trying to spin the numbers to make things look bad.  If nothing else, they use the old standby — if it’s a good thing, we did it!  Not!

For so many years you’ve heard that we should be more like Europe.  Well, we’re getting there in one good way.  We’re doing better than most of Europe with regard to unemployment.  What’s amazing is that we’re about even with the lesser sized countries of Europe.  Check out the statistics at Statista which is a statistical analysis website.

Please click on the following link to see where the U.S. stands with regard to unemployment and all of the European member states.  Scroll wayyyy down to the bottom to see the U.S.’s equivalent country at 3.8%.

Unemployment Rate in Member States

Pretty amazing for a bloke that doesn’t know what he’s doing and is, according to the Left, an idiot.




FAA Hiring Policy — Looking Beyond The Obvious

During the Obama administration the hiring policy/process for air traffic controllers was changed — radically changed.  For the average person to get their head wrapped around this insane policy should be extremely difficult.  If the changes were moderate in nature, the public could possibly perceive them as reasonable.  But the extremes to which Obama & Co. went to insure lesser experienced and unfit employees got hired should be described as no less than scary!

To suggest that the impetus for this radical change was ‘equal opportunity’ is simply nuts.  But that is what you are expected to believe, that the air traffic controller community was just ‘too white’.  I beg to differ, if nothing else based on the radical nature of their process change.  If you can get past the obvious and ask yourself what other motive could the owners of this process have, you come up with only one very scary answer — chaos.

Watch at least the first 3:30 of the following shorter video taken from Fox News and the Tucker Carlson show.  If this news doesn’t blow you away, nothing will.  Try and rationalize this insanity.  Trust me, it is near impossible.

Regardless if you’re left, right, or upside down, you should find this is of serious concern.  And this has been going on since 2014!!!  We’re lucky more people haven’t died in the last four years due to traffic control problems.

To be clear, an equal opportunity excuse should not be acceptable to anyone.  Even if you’re a minority, you should be concerned about mom visiting the kids in Rochester.  And with just a few minutes of personal analysis you should come to the conclusion that the real purpose of this move is much more nefarious than what you may think on first blush.

If you’re a democrat you should be concerned about where the Left is trying to take this country.  You should be asking ‘who’ are these people and what is their objective.  If you aren’t using this sort of critical thinking, then don’t complain when this country comes crashing down around you — literally…




Modeling The U.S. After Europe?

Most of us has heard that we should be more like Europe for many years.  For years we’ve heard that their police don’t have guns and that ours shouldn’t either.  Europe has more restrictive guns laws today than any state in America.  However, oddly enough, criminals still get their hands on guns.  How odd..?

Almost weekly we hear about terrorist attacks in the various countries comprising Europe.  Do we ever hear of marches in the streets to outlaw guns over there?  NO!!  The citizens can’t even own a BB gun!!

The following article depicts yet another example of the atrocities occurring overseas.  Yet we go on trying to get rid of the second amendment here.  Sounds kind’a dumb, huh?

France’s Latest Attack

And go figure, they used AK47’s.?!  How did that happen?

The second amendment should have been, as an after thought, the first amendment.  Why?  Because without it, no citizen has the right to defend themselves from criminals or a totalitarian government.  Once a government gets too big and powerful, the citizenry are at the mercy of that powerful entity.  We’re getting closer every day.  But worse, the Left is taking over that government rapidly.  You should ask yourself, what will the U.S. look like when the second amendment is gone?

Just glad I’m not younger…




Our Educational System in America Today

Everyone should read this article who has one or more children (grand-children) in our public educational system.  America’s educational system has been transformed.  Unlike in the 1700’s, our children have learned less at the age of 21 today than an 8th grader in the 1700’s.

But worse, it is not only the basic education skills that they are missing out on.  Kids who attended lower grade level schools and colleges early on in America learned about our country, who we are, where we came from, what mistakes we’ve made, etc.  This was taught so that the future generations did not repeat the mistakes of their parents.  Today, that is apparently an outdated thing of the past.

The American education system has been under attack for decades.  One of the top priorities of the communist party inside the U.S. was to take over the schools — e.g., goal #17 stating: “… use them [schools] as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda”.  It is strongly recommended that you read those goals below.

Communist Goals for America

While reading those goals, review them and ask yourself how many of them are already completed.  If this strikes a cord with you, also consider purchasing “The Naked Communist” on Amazon which is an updated version of the 1963 original.  It will enlighten you way beyond this article and you will know what 90% of this country doesn’t.

Now today where are we?  We are now voluntarily sending our kids to re-education camps called colleges.  Here are just a few statistics to digest.

  • The ratio of democrat teachers to republicans is currently 12.7:1 in all schools in America!
  • 40% of  colleges have ‘0’ republicans on their staff.
  • 80% have so few republican staff members that they are statistically insignificant.
  • Within media studies there are 9000 media professors in the 51 top rated schools for media — there are 108:0 democrats to republicans presently.

This isn’t an us vs. them typical political argument.  The ‘democrats’ in higher education institutions are not just left, they are themselves often communists (Marxists).  Your kids are stuffed with propaganda daily and then intimidated into going along with the crowd in order to maintain their grades due to professorial pressure — aka, intimidation.  So much for the first amendment.

If you really want to know what your kids will learn in a college today, watch the following video.  David Barton is an educator and historian who is well known in the U.S.  He has done a great deal to educate the American public and bring to light information that most adults don’t even know.  He is also one of the key contributors to Glenn’s show educating their viewers.

Glenn Beck & David Barton on Education Video

Please share this information with other parents that you know to help them understand what they are sending their children into — typically a place where they will be indoctrinated a good future comrade…





The Weaponization of Psychiatry

A treasonous approach to arguing who should be president is taking place now.  Will the Left ever catch on that they are dividing our country?  Will they ever get the idea that their new approach is working for all the wrong people?  Now, ‘someone’ has funded yet another approach to overturning the last national election — to find the president incompetent by way of mental disorder.  To find 27 ‘health experts’ who would gladly disparage our president is not a difficult task today.  Especially considering the majority of those who enter that field, do so with the primary intent of figuring out what is wrong with themselves!

Yes, attacking a leader’s mental fitness has been done before.  But that doesn’t stop the Left from trying again.  The law be damned, torpedoes full speed ahead!  If one attack fails, try another.  If you run out of ideas, re-run the old ones.

You have to ask, “Won’t these attacks just weaken our country?”  The answer would be a resounding, ‘yes’.  But why would someone want to weaken our country?  Someone who lives here?  The answer is simple, those who attack our president may live here, but they are trying to turn our country into a new one.  Or at least one which the Left has been fighting for over the last 150 years — the perfect utopian communist state.

The following links point to articles describing at length the ‘psych’ movement.

The Dangerous Case of Trump

Trump’s mental fitness

The Weaponization of Psychiatry, Part One

Once again, don’t ask what’s next.




California Leads The Way… Again


United States Socialist Republic

Once again we are faced with yet more evidence of the communist takeover of this country.  Things are happening today that you not only wouldn’t expect, but couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago!  Every aspect of our history is being threatened and icons are being replaced.  The American public are still either apathetic, blissfully ignorant, or part of the problem.  The only way to turn this around is to help educate the public.

Everyone recognizes that California has been referred to as the ‘land of fruits and nuts’ for a long time.  In more recent years they have set a new standard for being ‘left‘.  As they become more emboldened, they will ‘come out of the closet’ more boldly.  Once a small margin of the public recognizes them as a communist movement, we can only hope that the blinds will be taken off and people will begin to push back.

Now California has decided to replace either George Washington or Abraham Lincoln (or both) with a communist holiday(s).  The current target is to recognize “International Workers’ Day” as a school holiday!  In case you weren’t aware, that is a communist holiday!

Now Elon Musk is being told that he either places his business under the ‘authority’ of the UAW, or all subsidies will be taken away from him — worker’s day indeed.  Tesla is already having trouble staying afloat, this mandate shouldn’t do any good toward building jobs.   While jobs are leaving the state, these totalitarian leaders insist on marching to their own variation of the Russian National Anthem.

Please help educate your neighbor …  if they will listen.

What ever you do, don’t ask what’s next!?

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