California — A Template for America in the Future

California is in the news almost daily for one reason or another.  Often those reasons are insane examples of bizarre socialist leadership.  As a result, thousands of Californians are moving out of that once great state to other more ‘friendly’ states with lower taxes and less control over their lives.  But are they taking what they’re running away from with them?  That is the big question..?

The majority of those changes since the election of Jerry Brown are socialist in nature.  However, unlike other more left leaning states, Jerry’s desired environment is crazy on steroids.  Taxes are through the roof — a 13% payroll income tax for example.

But worse,  he and his bought and paid for state assembly continue to ‘favor’ criminals!?  A few years ago California began releasing tens of thousands felons from their state prisons.  Over the last few years, 60,000 of them were released back onto the streets of California.  (Wouldn’t that make you comfortable?)

As if that isn’t scary enough, over the last year or two they have been ‘decriminalizing’ crimes of all sorts — over 800 of them!  Now for example, if you burglarize someone’s vehicle and get caught, you merely receive a ticket (for a onetime felony) — i.e., promise to appear.  Consequently, crime in California continues to rise and ‘undocumented’ taxes paid by the public continues to rise also.

This sick socialist ‘movement’ has been progressing for decades, but we are now reaching (rapidly) the culmination of significant effort and success toward converting America to a Marxist state.  Enter the ‘Democratic Socialists of America‘ organization.  (Be sure to watch the video at the top of the page.)  Now with the DSA’s help, we have a supercharger for the socialist movement throughout America.

So what’s your point you ask?

Although a hard pill to swallow, California is the template for the rest of America in our near future if we don’t take action soon.  If the socialists were to get their way in this country, the entire country would be like California . . .  or worse!!

The key point here is that if the common man in America doesn’t get out and vote, learn what’s really going on in his country, and enlighten those who are unaware of our critical situation, we are doomed to be members of the new United Socialist States of America.

Can you spell Venezuela?






Trump Derangement — Why?

There has been an unbelievable amount of anguish over Trump being elected as our president — Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  It has been suggested that the cause of all this angst is the fact that the election was rigged, he’s evil, he’s the worst president in U.S. history, etc.

However there is another way to look at our current situation.  He’s destroying decades of ‘progress’.  Not the sort of progress that most of us would think, but socialist progress toward a socialist society right here in America.  The Left has made tremendous progress toward its goals since the early 1900’s.  Now, this destroyer of all ‘good things’ comes along and turns the entire program of the Left on its heels in just a few months!  He must have the help of Satan’s assistance in order to be so successful!  Right?

Given our current economy, job numbers, incomes rising, and the spirit of most reasonable Americans, is it any wonder that Trump’s efforts are being fueled by that positive spirit?  Is it a surprise that Americans are not only happy, but elated by our current situation in this country?  Can you imagine how things will be two years from now if Trump continues with his progress toward a nation of ‘greatness’?

Well, just imagine this.  If the TDS people are crazy now, imagine what they’ll be like two years from now if our progress toward a healthier economy continues.  Answer, worse!!  If the above conjecture is true, it only stands to reason that the Left will become not only more outspoken and critical, but much more dangerous.  Antifa is merely the beginning.

We are now in a cold civil war — between the extreme Left and right thinking Americans.  If Trump’s success continues, we should expect more radical behavior out of the Left.  Physical violence could easily become a standard.  The anarchists will stop throwing ‘dung’ and replace it with fire.  Destruction could become more common place.  And as the younger generation continues to swallow the nonsense that the Left feeds them, they will join the ranks of those crazies.

So if true, who does this leave to keeping our country on a positive track?  Uhhh, that would be you!  If not, who else?

If you want to make a difference, at least share these perspectives with others and VOTE!!

The majority of American citizens aren’t even aware of what is going on in this country.  As we all should know by now, the media has been consumed with Leftist propaganda feeding the American public lies and confusion.   You can help with educating them by sharing this knowledge with those who are either misguided or filled with hate.  It only takes a little motivation and guts to make a difference.  The alternative is to allow this country to slip through our fingers and live in fear and potentially lose what you have had your entire life up until now.

But hey, not to worry, this is only the ravings of a pessimist who has studied history for a few decades.  Relax.  Successful countries in history haven’t ever gone into a depressed state over this sort of situation — Venezuela?  Everything is going to be just fine. . .   right?





Hitler and Lenin Would Be Thrilled

Imagine, it is either the early 1900’s or the late 1930’s.  In the early 1900’s Lenin was trying to create the new Soviet Union.  Although most Russians were socialists, they didn’t want communism.  As such, Lenin could not label himself as someone bringing communism to Russia.  So, what did he do?  He called himself something that the Russian public could accept — a Democratic Socialist.  A democratic government is a good thing, and the Russians were already in a socialist environment.  What could be wrong with a Democratic Socialist?  If he additionally had a Twitter or Facebook to spread his propaganda, imagine his speed of success.  To have a corporate tool that he could control, and use to control ‘conversation’ in Russia, he would have succeeded even much faster!

If Hitler, for example, only had a Twitter and/or a Facebook to disseminate his propaganda and shut up those ‘resisting’ his take-over of Germany, imagine how fast he could turn the tide and win not only Germany, but much of Europe.  Instead of the difficult capture of Jews through investigation, he could use conversation via the corporate tools we use today to seek out his enemies.

If only both men had the ability to spread ‘hate filled rhetoric’ around their country to divide the people, imagine how much more successful they would have been with their missions and in much shorter times.

Today we see Alex Jones being silenced on all media and some think that’s a good thing,  but is it?  If he is being silenced, who else is being shut down?  (Kris “Tanto” Paronto)

What lies are being told by the media?  Is this paranoia, propaganda, or reality?  What would Sun Tsu have to say about our situation?  Consider just a few ideas from him.

  • Know your enemy and know yourself  (We really missed the mark on this one.)
  • All warfare is based on deception  (Americans are being deceived daily.)
  • Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.  (When the rubberband snaps, it will happen quickly.)
  • The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

The American people must wake up soon or find themselves in the same situation as those in Russia in the early 1900’s.  It is sad to say however that we have numerous poleznym pridurok people eager to eat up whatever nonsense is fed to them.

Open your eyes and mind to see what is real, right in front of you.  If not, don’t complain when you find yourself eating borscht.





America’s Biggest Threat — Socialism

Image result for socialism

The socialist movement is not a recent phenomena.  It has, in fact, been gaining ground over several decades of constant ‘pushing’ by the Left.  One of the many early proponents of socialism in America was Norman Thomas (1884-1968), a Christian minister.  Because he was a staunch pacifist, he disassociated himself from Stalin’s communism and Hitler’s fascism — both being warmongers.  However, he was without a doubt an anti-capitalist for sure.  He made the implementation of socialism in America his life’s work.  The following quote is taken from an article in the New York times only four years before his death.

“Although he speaks often of Marxism, Mr. Thomas’s socialism is regarded by many as more Christian liberal than Marxist. And it goes without saying that many of his unpopular “socialist” proposals of the early years have since been incorporated into the legal and social structure of the nation.” — New York Times, 1964

The following Ronald Reagan speech audio is from the U.S. archives and was originally recorded in 1961.  He mentions a quote by Mr. Thomas in that speech that is remarkable prophetic.  It’s too bad we didn’t listen then, and no surprise that we won’t listen now.  ‘Common sense’ was something familiar to most back then.  There’s nothing common about it today.

Their objective is to bring on a ‘new’ way of life for us, a utopia of sorts.  Yet, today we see (occasionally) commentary on the new socialist Venezuela and their starving people.  Is that what we want for our children? I would think not.

The following links are included for those who want to become more familiar with this topic and the organizations fighting to destroy our current way of life.

Democratic Socialists of America Is a Communist Organization —  An excellent article on the DSA and their objectives.

The DSA — Who are we and what do we do?  Please watch the video on the top of the first page.

Young Democratic Socialists of America — Even Hitler learned that young adults, sometimes children, make ‘good soldiers’ in the fight for his movement.

Our Revolution — An organization devoted to the destruction of our way of life in America.

St. Edwards University Facebook page — And if you think you’re devoid of this nonsense in Texas, you are mistaken.

Communist Party USA — An organization that has been around for decades here in the U.S.

The number of organizations fighting against us is growing and the numbers of each organization is growing rapidly also.  What we need now is people who will stand up and speak out against these radicals.

It is difficult for many of us to accept that such a movement could exist in this country.  Especially when we have traveled so far and improved so much.  Now when we should be enjoying the fruits of our efforts and labor, we face an ugly future with very few people fighting to rescue our country.  Sad, indeed.





See Something? Say Something!


It would seem that a good deal of people still don’t know what’s going on in this country.  And it would seem that the three primary reasons for this situation are: ignorance, apathy, and propaganda.  You either don’t have enough education to know that you should care to learn what’s going on; just don’t care; or you’re being fed information from sources like CNN (Communist News Network) which are distorting the truth to lead you ‘astray’.  (Which is working well!)

Millennials are the brunt of everyone’s humor today, but one can’t blame them too much since the entire education system has been destroyed over several decades.  They get their news input from great places like Facebook and Twitter.  (Which are filtered by weaponized companies.)  If they watch the ‘mainstream media’ they’re getting ‘news’ that has been spun at about 3000 rpm.  So why wouldn’t they be ‘confused’?  Those who actually watch any news have their face focused on the wrong TV stations and buy into the propaganda that is spoon fed to them.

But what about the rest of our country?  What are they doing?  They must see the chaos that is brewing in America.  Yet there are few people that do anything to change the tide of evil.  Their mantra seems to be, “There’s nothing I can do.  And my vote doesn’t count.  Besides, my neighbor votes the same way I do, so why do I need to vote?”  Having a hard time believe this view?  Ask yourself how else we got here!?  Is it no wonder the voting adults in this country only add up to 30%?  Our upcoming midterm may see even less.

Consider our current situation and how long it took us to get here.  Now watch this brief video as an analogy and consider the thinking of your child years from now.  If asked, how would you answer the question, “How could you let this happen to me daddy?”  What evidence would you have to show that you did do something to save our country, anything?

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you should have recognized a great deal of evil behavior developing over the last 10-15 years (or more).  Yet today, people excuse evil by saying:  they’re stupid, they’re crazy, they had a bad upbringing, it was a mistake, they didn’t know better, etc.  Any excuse to dismiss evil has become acceptable today.  A matter of fact, people can’t even describe evil.  Watch just a little of the following video of ‘the interview on the street’ to see how our young adults perceive evil.

This may sound exaggerated, but is it?  Are we excusing evil in this country?  If we are, what are we going to do about it?  Like maybe treat evil like it is evil?  And a better question is, if we continue on this path, what will this country be like in 10-20 years?  And will you want to be here?  Depressing isn’t it?

But what are YOU going to do about changing this country’s direction?  At least VOTE?





What a difference a day makes.!?

If you ask many Americans today, the two topics of interest are: the economy and immigration.  The economy is booming — targeted for a 4.6% growth in the 3rd quarter, in spite of Leftist intervention — and the Left is doing everything it can to keep ‘illegal‘ immigration going strong.

The American people are sick with the nonsense they’ve been fed for decades.  Even a very large segment of the Mexican-Americans in this country want comprehensive immigration reform — that means ‘build a wall’ and stop the insane free flow of people crossing our border.  Ah, but the Left keeps pushing their socialist agenda.  But maybe they could change their minds…  again.

Watch this video from 2009 where Mr. Shumer shared a different tune when Obama was president.


What a difference an election makes..?!





Democratic Socialism — More Insight

Image result for dsa antifa

If you’ve read any of my articles on this topic in the past, they were only a lead-in to what we know now.  Some view the Democratic Socialist of America party (DSA) as merely a small handful of malcontents who just want some air time on TV.  Not so any more.

The DSA is a fast growing (communist) organization across the U.S. (50,000 members+) and is well funded by ‘outside’ sources — like Germany.  Why would other countries be interested in the overthrow of America?  Because we are the last hope for world peace.  Yeah, I know, we’re imperialists and war mongers.  Yup, the Left sure has that mantra down.  However if you go back in history, you’ll find that almost all of the wars the U.S. has been involved in occurred on a democrat’s watch — not that republicans are totally devoid of error either.  But that doesn’t rule out someone else attacking us either.

The first step of learning about the DSA is take this subject serious.  Your future is at stake.  Don’t assume this is fake news or scare tactics.  It is real, it is dangerous, it is similar to Germany in the 1930’s.  In fact, the DSA is behind ‘antifa‘ (of which many members of Antifa are DSA members) which antifa is a key component of creating chaos in America.  One only needs to learn about CPUSA and REVCOM which have both been around for decades, and now the ‘new’ DSA to see that there are more than just a few college students making noise wanting to ‘improve’ America.

The DSA was first started in the 1980’s but lost notoriety.  But since the ‘fall of Bernie Sanders’ (presidential election bid) the DSA has come back alive and is growing rapidly.  If you read their website About page they are very vague in their explanation of their organization’s purpose.  They don’t come right out and say that they are a communist organization, they’re merely socialists.  Ah, but they’re not just young adults either, the DSA is for adults — the YDSA is for college students.  The implication being that they can grow even faster with focus on specific groups.

If you want a ‘taste’ of where they want to take our country, watch the following intro video on the DSA website.


If this is your value system, maybe you should consider skipping all of the anxiety and chaos here and move to a country that has already ‘converted’ — like say, Venezuela..?

Part II of this topic will be posted soon.  Stand by for the next exciting chapter of “How America turned into a third world country”.  .  .  .


If you Texans believe you’re free of this threat, check out the locals in your area.