Warrior Teens of Yesterday vs. Today’s Snowflakes

Many of us in this country have totally lost sight of who we are, what we stand for, and what is expected of us today.  The focus typically is to ‘feel good’ and not be bothered or uncomfortable.  “It’s all about me”, in too many cases.

During the second world war, teenage men were drafted into a horrific war where those young men saw things that shouldn’t be seen by anyone — not even hardened men of experience.  Watch this video and think about what the men on that ship were thinking when the aircraft with a dead 23 year old in it sinks to the bottom of the ocean.  I seriously don’t believe there were any snowflakes there that day.


Can you even imagine how our youth would ‘handle’ such chaos today? You’d better cross your fingers we don’t get into anything like WWII any time soon.  We have a LOT of people to ‘fix’ before we could take on a task like that.





The Weaponizing of Corporations

We see more examples of ‘hate speech’ toward our country every day.  No way can someone be proud of their country.  What are you thinking?  America is evil!  If you find this hard to believe, ask yourself why companies like Facebook would constantly use their corporate power to control what we say about our own country — if what they say is good that is.

Listen to this song posted on Facebook and ask yourself two questions — What is bad about the lyrics; and what could the motivation be behind Facebook taking this video down.  When your done listening to the video, then read the explanations below.


The following is an opinion, but you should challenge yourself to come up with a better answer before just dismissing it.

What’s wrong with the lyrics?  Nothing.  They speak of equality and a lack of racial divide.  The song tells of pride in one’s country and appreciation for those who protect it.  They demonstrate their appreciation and pride by flying the American flag. They respect the flag and honor it and what it stands for.

Why would someone or a company want to tear down such inspiring music?  Because they don’t want the public to be proud of their country — they want them to hate it.  Why would they want that, you ask?  Because they want to bring on a new America, one that embraces a new philosophy — the antithesis of ours, capitalism.  The new concept during our beginning that has taken a relatively new country (in world history) and turned it into the powerhouse of the world that it is today.

The enemy is here, it’s everywhere.  The Progressive movement (aka, socialist) are fighting hard to destroy what has taken 240 years to create.  They’ve been doing this since the early 1900’s — quite successfully to.  As our president Trump succeeds, the Left will get even more apoplectic and act out in even more dangerous ways.  Be prepared.  This ride is going to get a lot more bumpy before we come out the other end of this seemingly dark tunnel.  In the interim, know your enemy.  Study his moves and constantly ask what he is doing and why.





Proud to be an American?

You know that things are pretty screwy nowadays.  We have numerous ‘issues’ that our country is dealing with, and most of which weren’t caused recently.  American history hasn’t been taught in schools for several years now — and probably won’t be anytime soon.

So why would it be a surprise that young Americans think that the U.S. is a mess?  And that they’re not proud of our country?  Just read the article The Star-spangled Banner of Yesterday and ask yourself why those people were proud of America?  You might ask, how did we get to our current state?  In a word, propaganda …  and lots of it!!

Check out what our younger generation thinks of America.  Another good question from the interviewer would be, where do you get your information from?  CNN?  NBC?  CBS?  Probably.

Are College Students Proud To Be American?

Isn’t that special?!  Where do we go from here.!!?




Modern Day Socialists — 1%’s?

What is happening in our country today is becoming progressively harder to believe every day.  Worse, people are getting hard to believe!  With the advent of political correctness — lying to others with a good motive — is causing the ‘good guys‘ to be hard to trust.  Which is the plan by the way.  If there is no truth, you don’t believe anything.  If you don’t believe anything, then you can possibly believe in almost anything.  We’ve thrown away our compass.  So how do we know which way we’re going or why?  I know it sounds convoluted, but then so is the Left.

You hear often now that socialism is the answer to everything — especially our economy.  With that ‘tried and true’ approach to distributing money (?), you can expect to raise your standard of living on the backs of the rich.  Right?

But who exactly are those rich guys?  Wall street?  Corporate executives?  Doctors?  Lawyers?  Yes to all of the above …  and a few more.

Please take just five minutes of your day to listen to the video below which will divulge information that you won’t hear anywhere else — promise.  (The majority of our media will not even allude to this topic.)  If after watching it you still want to entertain that great socialism philosophy, lots of luck with your decision and future.  This video sheds light on those evil people who want you to pay the freight for their doings.  Want an example?  How’d the last eight years before Trump go for you?  Hmmm?

Although this video does relate extremely important information, the host uses humor to present this serious topic.  Be patient…  it’s worth it.

The Blaze TV — What ‘Democratic Socialists’ don’t want you to know





The Star-spangled Banner of Yesterday

We’ve all heard the song, but we often don’t know where it came from … or why.  The video below does a great job of explaining the background behind our national anthem.  We all should know it!

Please take just a few minutes to listen to the video below and compare what our forefathers did in relation to ‘our attitude‘ today.  If we were as strong, disciplined, and patriotic as they were, do you really believe we’d be suffering through the hysteria we are today?

This is the sort of thing that needs to be driven home with everyone in this country.  If not, we may face a soviet style nation in the not too distant future..?




Democratic Socialists Gaining Ground?

Many people have not even heard of this group, much less understand what their objective is.  Why would anyone be concerned about democrats who have socialist leanings?

The answers to these questions should be of concern to everyone in America.

First we have to start with the question, “Where did this organization originate?”  Answer, with Bernie Sanders.  After losing his presidential election run, his followers created this organization to ‘carry the torch’ for him.  What too many Americans don’t know is that Mr. Sanders has been a Marxist his entire life.  Yes, the democrat party almost had a communist as a potential winner in a presidential election!  But alas, Hillary cheated him out of his role in the future of America — she wanted to take us to the same place!

So, enter the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  The problem is, one needs to understand what this ‘term’ means.  Democratic sounds good, “No?”  Answer, “No!”

This country is not a democratic country — we are a Republic.  We elect educated and informed representatives from around the country to represent their state’s view on which direction that state wants to pursue various topics.  A democratic state merely means that everyone has an equal vote on our future direction.  Which, I am sure, you know more than a few people you think shouldn’t be allowed in a polling booth much less determine your future!

As for the socialist part of that title, the word socialist is often used synonymous with communism — it is a ‘softer’ word for an evil ideology.  The DSA is a radical organization with the objective of turning America into a communist state.  Whether we like it or not, we already have far too many DSA members in congress now!

Ah, but wait!  Montana and Philadelphia have just had six more DSA members win in their primaries!  If they move forward and win their seats in congress, we’ll have a 136 DSA members instead of the current 130 we  have now.  And, we must consider that those who have formally joined the DSA have, in a sense, ‘come out’.  One must wonder how many more there are that are in congress staying in the closet for self preservation reasons.?

Hopefully, men and women in America will wake up before too long and stop this insanity …  in their polling booth.  We can only hope.

Democratic Socialists Win Primaries




America’s Status Regarding Jobs — Compared to Europe

The Left is apoplectic over the economy.  They’re going nuts trying to spin the numbers to make things look bad.  If nothing else, they use the old standby — if it’s a good thing, we did it!  Not!

For so many years you’ve heard that we should be more like Europe.  Well, we’re getting there in one good way.  We’re doing better than most of Europe with regard to unemployment.  What’s amazing is that we’re about even with the lesser sized countries of Europe.  Check out the statistics at Statista which is a statistical analysis website.

Please click on the following link to see where the U.S. stands with regard to unemployment and all of the European member states.  Scroll wayyyy down to the bottom to see the U.S.’s equivalent country at 3.8%.

Unemployment Rate in Member States

Pretty amazing for a bloke that doesn’t know what he’s doing and is, according to the Left, an idiot.