Liberals & Conservatives — They Both Have Value

In our world of politics today, we use several terms to define people or groups.  Far too often those labels are misused with an end objective in mind — to confuse, obfuscate, or totally misdirect a person or persons’ thinking.

Liberals and conservatives have always existed and they both have a purpose in society.  Typically, one set of people (liberals) want to effect change, whereas the other type (conservatives) want more of a status quo.  Both have a purpose — to maintain a balance of change or progress with that of slow and deliberate decision making leading to a safer environment with slow and deliberate change.

If this balance is not maintained, we either have chaos with too much change too fast, or stagnation and a lack of progress — both can be disastrous.  With both parties in balance, we have forward movement of a society with rationale and analysis leading to better decisions.  My guess is this is one of the reasons why our founders created such unique documents — the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.  Although they argued incessantly, it was done predominantly in a professional manner with the end result of quality decisions — as evidenced by our founding documents.

More often than not, today the Democratic party sees itself as the liberal party and conversely the Republican party sees itself as the conservative party.  Our congress was designed this way to have differing opinions to invoke the same logic as stated, to strike a balance in our actions for the maximum end for all.

Today we also refer to these same people as the Left (democrats) or the Right (republicans).  Many people argue that the Left keeps marching further left.  However, that may not be the case.  Those who seek more radical approaches may not be the stereotypical liberal, but more a radical.  And many of those radicals are socialists who have an entirely new perspective for America’s future — foreign to both the traditional Left and Right.

It is for this reason, that ‘we the people’, are so far apart in our perspectives.  We use the words liberal, Left, and democrat interchangeably.  Liberal has a classical definition which is fading away insidiously.  The extremes are becoming the norm, while society is being torn apart.  We’re all praying for a king (president) to save us.  (1 Samuel 12:19 (NIV) — “Pray to the Lord your God for your servants so that we will not die, for we have added to all our other sins the evil of asking for a king.

America was originated by Pilgrims (religious people) from Europe escaping religious persecution who established the foundation of our Judeo-Christian society.  Our founders subsequently created our unique documents mentioned above that protect our rights.  The vast majority of the governmental laws used today were created using those same principles.  Freedom of speech isn’t an empty phrase with little or no value, it is defined in our constitution as a “God given right”.  That term means, that no one can take that (those) rights away from you.  The only way to do so in America is to destroy our constitution.

That is exactly what the Left (socialists) are trying to do.  It is merely one of the steps toward ‘fundamentally transforming’ our country into a socialist state.  Over the last 70 years they have done a fine job toward that end.  It is up to us to stop them.

When you speak to those who don’t particularly share your perspective, remember that we are all different and here for different purposes.  Speak with kindness and understanding while listening as much as you can while trying to keep the conversation honest and direct.  The more we listen, the more we educate each other.  To that end, we also make better decisions.

If we argue, call names, or worse, we get nowhere except more chaos.  We must not fall into the same mold as those making the news every day through violence, lying, and deceit.  It is up to us to save this country, not some bureaucrat making a lot of money to sell you and I out.  If everyone in congress was doing what was right for all Americans, we would be where we are today.  At the very least, the character of congress — for the most part — has been lost to self-aggrandizement and riches.  We must hold their feet to the fire with our votes while trying to educate the lost in our society.

Watching TV and the news gets you ‘information’, the accuracy of which may be questionable, or just more propaganda.  We must sift through the garbage to learn the truth.  Otherwise we’re no better than the Russians in the early 20th century.  And look what that got them — Lenin followed by Stalin.  It took millions of them to die before the light came on.  Hopefully we won’t follow their example..?







The Democratic Party — Not Who You Think

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I have written several times about the communists in America.  But their progress continues to speed up.  They’ve been here active since the early 1900’s and most Americans are totally unaware of their presence, much less their impact.  They continue to gain ground in their quest for control of America.

In the last couple of decades their progress has increased significantly.  But now many communist organizations are banding together, coordinating, reducing duplication, and getting better coverage across our country to spread their plan.

One example of evidence, is the number of House representatives that were elected in November who are Democratic Socialists (Marxists).  e.g., Alexandria Cortez  This number continues to rise in the House and the electorate remain oblivious to the situation.

The truly scary point is, their effectiveness is improving rapidly!  I would strongly recommend that you watch this 14 minute video.  This information is not hyperbole, it is  fact.  The evidence is out there, tons of it.  You merely need to seek it out and read it for your own verification.  You can start by reading previous articles on this site.  There are hundreds of sources of information on this topic.  And in recent years the Left has developed hundreds of communist organizations right here in the good old U.S.A now operating in the open — they are getting bolder every year.

As a teaser for the video, take the subject of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  They were originally formed in the 80’s.  For years they lingered with little to no growth.  But since the rise of Bernie Sanders and his subsequent loss in the presidential election, the DSA has grown significantly.  There were merely 10,000 members around 2016.  Today they exceed 50,000 — predominately millennials.  Sounds serious doesn’t it?

For your sake, please watch this informative video.  You’re not going to hear this anywhere else because the Left doesn’t want you to know what’s going on until it is too late.

The next time you watch a demonstration here in America, watch for the red flags or banners.  Read what they say. They are out in the open demonstrating their intent to turn America into a socialist state — synonymous with communist state.

Wake up folks, we’re in stage four of this cancerous invasion.  There is little time to turn the tide and save our freedom.  Every year that passes with little to no resistance, the ‘cure’ for this cancer will become progressively more painful.  YOU need to share this information and vote intelligently.  i.e., informed





Automation of Censorship

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It should be obvious by now that the American public is being subjected to ‘organized news’ across television networks.  Every political subject, especially if it is a Trump topic, is reported with the same exact words and/or phrases, which has gone beyond coincidence. We are seeing a media performing a service for the Left today that is unprecedented in modern history.  Imagine if Hitler or Stalin had such a propaganda machine.  We’d either be speaking German or Russian today if they had.

Because the situation is so obvious, that the public either doesn’t care, or they are not watching the news on television.  Or, they are aware and have discovered that watching mainstream news is a joke and that it is predominantly propaganda — a fair assumption in many cases, especially at CNN or MSNBC.  i.e., fake news

Fortunately there are those few who listen to a report and then research it to determine the truth of the subject.  But what if when that minority group of people does their research and they cannot find an opposing opinion?  What then?  The vast majority of research today is done on the internet.  What if that venue were monitored and information flow were controlled —  i.e., censored?

Welcome to 2019!

Although this topic may seem a bit Orwellian, it is true, real, and is happening now.  If you are happy in the dark, that’s your choice.  But if you are one of those who wants the truth, your days may be numbered.

Imagine a software installed on your computer (unbeknownst to you) that monitors all of the articles that you read and warns you of what is real or fake — the credibility of the article or site.  If you pulled up an article that was flagged with red, what would you do?  You may possibly ignore it potentially missing out on the truth.  That is exactly what this code does — under the covers.

This new software application (plugin) is called Newsguard.  The company who created this code (nightmare) is Newsguard Technologies which is “deeply connected to the U.S. government, neo-conservatives, and powerful monied interests, all of whom have been working overtime since the 2016 election to silence dissent to American forever-wars and corporate-led oligarchy”.   (Text taken from the original news article on this topic.)

Let’s stop there for a moment, to clarify one significant point.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone monitoring the responses from my inquiries — be it left or right, capitalist or communist.  Whatever this tool’s intent and no matter how it starts, it can easily morph into an evil tool if hijacked by the wrong people — possibly the authors.  The public expects free reign and access to the internet and it’s vast repository of information.

You may say that it is the option of the user to chose to install such software, which is what is being advertised.  However, Newsguard has already approached the federal government and asked to have Newsguard installed in all libraries and schools to start.  And, Bill Gates has instructed Microsoft to install Newsguard in their Chrome product and Microsoft version 10.!!  Hmmm.?  Just getting started and no so optional?

Please read the article below to get the detailed scoop on Newsguard.

Wage War on Independent Media

Do these people sound like those who should monitor your information?  Worse, we must assume that such a venture could be hijacked by someone else for an even worse purpose.  This should send chills down the spines of anyone reading this article.

Next, read below Newsguard’s website declaration of their objective and purpose.  Do these people sound trustworthy?  Personally, like Google, I find this way too much power in one place and potentially in the hands of the wrong people — if not today, potentially tomorrow.

Restoring Trust & Accountability

It isn’t bad enough that our society has trouble believing anything today already, now we have to censor information even more, which will result in trust being totally eliminated in the future.  What can you imagine being the impact of this trend?  It certainly won’t improve our trust in corporations, government, information sources, etc.  And then we’ll wonder why people are stressed all of the time.

Is it no wonder that people are hiding from reality and becoming neurotic trying to cope with such a confusing state?

Imagine a day in our not so distant future where we are inundated full time with propaganda 7×24.  One can only imagine what our society will be like then..?  We’re getting close. . .







2019 and America’s Gun Control

Expect 2019 to be the year of the Left pushing gun control.  Why?  Because as a personal prediction, I expect more ‘random’ shootings where the mental state of the shooter is in question.  And as a black helicopter enthusiast, I believe the ‘crazies’ will be used to hype the need for gun control — as ‘engineered’ and designed.

Early on in the 1970’s, people who fit the definition of mentally dangerous (a danger to themselves or others) were detained, held for 72 hours, and determined safe to be released back into the public, or be held in a mental facility until ‘cured’.

But before the 70’s were even gone, state mental institutions were being closed all over the U.S. due to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU.  The key subject of the suit was the conditions patients lived in and lack of treatment.  Consequently the ‘baby was thrown out with the bathwater’ — meaning that the effective result was that those with real mental issues were released into the public without care or a requirement of it.

Over time the bureaucrats determined it was more cost efficient to leave those people on the street, rather than ‘fix them’ and/or protect the public from them.  Now today, more than 40 years later, we have nut-jobs walking around committing crimes and endangering the public daily.  Still, the same government that collects “trillions” of dollars in taxes every year, still refuses to address this crisis or address the issues brought forth by the ACLU.

Churches today and their attendees are subject to a much higher probability of danger than in any time in our country’s history.  About a year ago, the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting incident left 26 people dead and 20 others seriously wounded — the largest church shooting in U.S. history!  And who was the suspect?  A ‘deranged’ man, angry over a domestic violence issue — who was considered unable to possess a gun — planned and attacked that church.  Thanks to a man with a gun who stopped the killer, even more lives were saved.

Just this past Sunday (12/30/2018), a report of a man was found walking toward a local church in Seguin, Texas (not far from Sutherland Springs) wearing camouflaged fatigues, a surgical mask, and carrying a handgun with several rounds of ammunition.  Fortunately, an off-duty Seguin policeman apprehended the suspect after asking why the suspect was carrying the gun.  The man’s response was, “I’m going to fulfill prophecy”.

Maybe 40 years ago our government was trying to be fiscally responsible.  But today, their motivation is becoming progressively more questionable.  If we are experiencing so many incidents of people attempting to or killing innocents, why isn’t our government addressing the person  instead of the weapon?  One would think that after the first few incidents it would become obvious as to what it happening and why.

Even more obvious should be the question of why aren’t they investing in mental facilities to get these crazies away from the public?  If a very large number of criminals in prisons today are mentally unstable (i.e., bi-polar), why are we locking those people up instead of trying to help them?  Why is the government not motivated to take such action?

We now have a House of Representatives lead by Leftists who are driven to eliminate all guns from our society.  Because of such shootings mentioned above?  No, that merely justifies their ultimate actions.  The truth is, the Left in this country knows that they are on the 10 yard line of ‘fundamentally transforming’ the U.S. into a socialist state.  One of the last things standing in their way is the 2nd Amendment.  Without it, the entire constitution of this country is in peril.

Even if this dire prediction is incorrect, we still stand to end up in the same place as Europe.  England’s current homicide rate is due to knives and machetes being used to kill others.  Guns have been outlawed for decades in England.  Worse, the citizens of England have been placed in a position of extreme danger with England’s recent law implemented — possession of knives is prohibited for self-protection.  There has even been a case where a grandmother protecting herself from an attack was arrested for using a knitting needle from her purse!?

Do we really want to follow in these insane footsteps?  Do we here in America want an environment like Europe’s?  Do we really want criminals, mentally deficient people, and diseased people coming into our country unchecked?  Aren’t we capable of creating enough nut-jobs on our own without outside help?  Should we not be asking ‘why’ the Left insists on this objective of leaving borders open?

We’re playing a very dangerous game of Jenga.  (Carefully pulling out blocks from a tenuous structure waiting to see who makes it fall — the end objective.)  Every year we see yet another insane thing done in our country to make it just a little bit more unsafe and/or ready to fall.  How many blocks do you think we have left?

The people of this country had best get mad as hell and take some action, or they’re destined for a very bleak future, given our current direction.  Am I suggesting a revolution?  No.  But if it comes to that, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise in our not too distant future.  It will be either something of great magnitude turning the country around, or we’re going to be a socialist state, miserable, afraid, and wondering what happened.

The American public has been taking a very long nap while ignoring what is going on.  One should wonder how much longer we can continue ‘feeling good’ and ignore reality..?  If we’re leaning on one person saving us — president Trump — is that a realistic expectation or solution?  What happens when another Marxist is elected as our leader?  Then what?

As I’ve said many times before, wake up America.  The house is on fire.  You may feel good now in your comfy, warm bed.  But tomorrow, don’t be surprised if it gets much too hot to live as you have in the past.

Treasure what you have and be willing to fight for it.  For, what you do not value, you will not keep.





America’s Cancer


I’ve been watching this country seemingly ‘go to hell in a hand-basket’ over the last several decades.  All of America’s great figureheads (e.g., Father Knows Best) have been replaced by millionaire football and basketball jocks or movie stars with little or no moral/ethical structure in their lives.  We have gone from a country accepting of others, loving of neighbors, to only coming together in strength when disaster strikes — not during social conflict such as what we’re experiencing now.

Like cancer, our social eroding situation exists on a similar plane.  Cancer’s progress is rated in stages – I, II, III, and IV.  The larger the number, the greater the progression.  Stage four is viewed as the point where patients are often not likely to recover, at least fully.  People get to this late stage for a few reasons.  1)  No symptoms are recognized;  2)  Symptoms are recognized, but not acknowledged;  3)  Symptoms are acknowledged, but the patient believes they will go away by themselves;  4)  They really don’t believe they are in danger.

All of these views are self destructive — it is merely to what degree of ignorance or arrogance we wish to live, to destroy ourselves — knowingly or not.

Our situation today in America (and much like other countries) is analogous to the cancer stages mentioned above.  Today a great number of people in America are unaware that we are even experiencing a problem.  If they do accept that we have a problem, they view it as ‘more of the same’ in our history — there’s nothing significantly unique about our present situation.

Some people see some of the problem, but not all, and thus do not perceive any serious future change in their life.  A small percentage of people see what is happening, understand it, and accept it as their reality.  This latter group, I would estimate is 1-5% of this country.

A number of people today do not even spend minutes per week trying to understand the ‘why‘ of what’s happening.  Often this is because people are caught up in their busy live’s with their ‘issues‘.  Because of our seemingly lightning fast paced world, people cannot focus on what’s outside of ‘their world’.  They are busy with work, paying bills, eking out some enjoyment where possible, and spending time with friends and family.  This leaves them little or no time to understand what’s happening in our country and why.

When we do look around to see things happening today, we either don’t believe what we see, think of them with no relevance to our lives, or refuse to believe the source of the knowledge (articles, newscasts, etc.).  Soviet style propaganda has become a daily staple in the news. e.g., CNN, MSNBC, etc.  We are being lied to daily and many of us don’t even recognize it, much less get upset.  We’re getting accustomed to it.  Lying — political correctness — is now part of our society.  We now accept the lie of ‘being polite’..?  A scary thought indeed.

Watch the following brief video from YouTube originally recorded on CSPAN.  Here you have concrete proof of a blatant act of lying that should take your breath away.

Pelosi explaining Smear Tactics

The Left in this country, aka the Progressives, socialists, Marxists, communists, have been using tactics that we expect from the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Lennin, and Mao.  Yet, these are the names the Left invokes when referring to the Right.  It’s the tactic of projection.

Words matter and we need to get them right, but actions speak louder than words.  We must know our enemy.  I am referring to those who have infiltrated the democratic party — the Marxist socialists.  Not one or two, but many people within our government.  Over a dozen socialists were voted on in November alone.  (e.g., Beto O’Rourke, Ocasio Cortez, and numerous others).

When we see and hear a person in congress saying what we want to hear, we must watch the actions that follow that rhetoric — for example, Chuck Schumer speaking on the House floor regarding immigration.

Alarms should be going off in your head when you hear rhetoric that does not match actions.  We all should be able explain the motivations behind these actions based on the actions themselves without the ‘BS’ rhetoric.  For example, if the Left does not want a ‘wall’ built today, but did yesterday, you should ask what motivates their actions today and ignore their rhetoric — that rhetoric is typically just another lie.

Logic, reason and objective thinking should be our process to determine truth.  Unfortunately a large percentage of millennials no longer believe there is any real truth in this world today.   (The process that has destroyed a great deal of truth today is referred to as ‘post modernism‘*.)  How do we deal with this situation?  How do we fix a generation of people after the fact?

Better yet, how do we stop the ‘education’ of our very young children currently being indoctrinated in our public (government) schools?  Five year olds are being taught ‘sex education’ in kindergarten learning about transvestites without our consent and where we cannot easily withdraw them from such teaching.  They’re being told that there can be many different sexes and that they are all fluid, from one moment to the next.  The young children in our country should be learning about Mother Goose, Jack in the bean stalk, etc., not the darkness of our current world.  It’s no wonder kids are developing a dark view of life causing the young to consider suicide more now than any time in our history.

We are in at least stage III or IV of this cancer which has been in America for decades.  In the later stages of cancer, more radical procedures are needed to help a patient survive — and may actually kill them due to their weakened state.  We are getting to that point in our society.  From here on we should not be looking for quick fixes.

Some would say that this is a dim, pessimistic view of our world — totally ignorant of facts and reality.  However that is exactly the thinking of those who wish to hide from reality.

Now is the time to prepare for what is coming, because at this point the ‘snowball’ is way too far down the hill to stop it in any short amount of time.  Get out of debt.  Consider where your existing money and investments are located.  Look for places of safety and stability.  Prepare your home.  Stock up on supplies.  Be ready.  Look for those who you can trust to support you in times of distress.  Be prepared to turn away those who may be your enemy that would like to take what is yours.  Be self-reliant, but believe in something greater than yourself.  Consider turning to God now before you find yourself on the ‘battlefield’ of our future — unarmed.

Let your actions speak louder than your words…

*post modernism — For a more complete explanation of this term, please view this very enlightening video.

Please excuse the length of this article.  Because our situation is becoming so complex, it is difficult to inform the reader without tangible evidence and a more in depth explanation.





Congressional Progressive Caucus — Marxist?

Americans cannot believe that we are moving toward being a communist country.  Yet, the evidence continues to mount daily demonstrating that we are getting closer.  Insidiously, the Left has taken steps for decades to drive us closer to socialism — with a great deal of success.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the 15th Communist Goals for America is: ‘Capture one or both of the political parties in the U.S.’.  Well, as you can see (if you watch television at all), they are doing a fine job with this goal!  And now that they have retaken the House, my guess is that they will put their ‘team’ into overdrive to recruit even more Marxists to help with their agenda.

A group that I doubt 90% of this country is unaware of is the ‘Congressional Progressive Caucus’ (CPC).  Please note the word ‘progressive’.  This is code-word for Marxist.  Yes, those who are members of this august group are those who have ‘come out of the closet’ so to speak and admitted they are socialists.  Who are they, you ask?  Here’s the list — not necessarily updated recently.

CPC Members

So about now you’re asking where did I get this information?  The answer: the ‘Association of Mature American Citizens’.  If you’re interested in who they are and what their agenda is for America, read the following article.  This is some serious business which will impact every American man, woman, and child.  If you don’t think so, ask the Chinese.  Contrary to what a lot of people will tell you, they are a totalitarian dictatorship with a communist party ruling their citizens.  Trust me, there is no constitution other that what the party wishes it to be today.  Nothing is cast in concrete within that country or any other communist ruled country even similar to our constitution.

Congressional Progressive Caucus

You are watching the ‘free country’ of America slipping through your fingers, year by year.  Voting for Marxists such as Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, and Beto O’Rourke will only make things worse.  They do not believe that the America you were born in is good.  They wish to alter our country into a ‘utopian state’ — ruled by less than 1% of the population holding 90% of the ‘gold’.  If you think things are tough now, imagine being in the bottom of the bottom layer of America now and wishing you at least had the basics for living — food, clothing, shelter.  That is what you get with a true socialist state.

You probably have a hard time understanding why anyone would want such a thing.  It’s simple, the goal is to get all of the control, power, and money collected in one small group that ‘knows what to do with it’ — THEM!

Understand that this ‘cancer’ is growing in this country.  It is not dormant or waiting to pounce decades from now.  We are a very short time away from the major parts of our constitution being striped away from us.  Then see how free you feel..?




Rednecks, Antifa, or Projection?

Projection is a tactic often used by those who wish to not acknowledge or avoid recognition of their shortcomings.  Or, they want to use their faults to attack someone else.  Not only do individuals use this tactic, but so do groups.

The following two articles are just a couple of examples of this tactic being used a lot today.  Leftists refer to conservatives as bible thumping, gun toting, racist, etc. people.  We hear this often on the public news.  But is it possible that this tactic is being used to an even greater level than we think?  On the internet?  Apparently that is the case.

I don’t know about you, but to me when you use the word ‘redneck’, it has the connotation that the person is white, conservative, etc.  This has been the case for decades.  But apparently the term has been ‘reconfigured’ and hijacked.

Along the same lines, ‘Oath Keepers’ has been in existence for several years and is comprised mainly of military and police.  Their concept is that they have sworn an oath to protect and defend America (Americans) to the best of their ability — a very worthy and honorable thing to do.  However, the second article below shows them as the complete opposite.  Yet another example of projection.

This is just one of the tactics that American(s) are being attacked with.  It should be every American’s interest to read beyond the print and to understand what is really being said and about who.  They call this ‘critical thinking’.  More Americans should practice it or we will be convinced that not only Santa Claus is dead, but so is God.

Redneck Revolt

Oath Keepers

We all need to be on watch for what’s coming next and who’s going to do what..?  ‘We the people’ are who run this asylum.  Otherwise, don’t complain if things get too ‘crazy’ for you in the near future.