Congressional Progressive Caucus — Marxist?

Americans cannot believe that we are moving toward being a communist country.  Yet, the evidence continues to mount daily demonstrating that we are getting closer.  Insidiously, the Left has taken steps for decades to drive us closer to socialism — with a great deal of success.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the 15th Communist Goals for America is: ‘Capture one or both of the political parties in the U.S.’.  Well, as you can see (if you watch television at all), they are doing a fine job with this goal!  And now that they have retaken the House, my guess is that they will put their ‘team’ into overdrive to recruit even more Marxists to help with their agenda.

A group that I doubt 90% of this country is unaware of is the ‘Congressional Progressive Caucus’ (CPC).  Please note the word ‘progressive’.  This is code-word for Marxist.  Yes, those who are members of this august group are those who have ‘come out of the closet’ so to speak and admitted they are socialists.  Who are they, you ask?  Here’s the list — not necessarily updated recently.

CPC Members

So about now you’re asking where did I get this information?  The answer: the ‘Association of Mature American Citizens’.  If you’re interested in who they are and what their agenda is for America, read the following article.  This is some serious business which will impact every American man, woman, and child.  If you don’t think so, ask the Chinese.  Contrary to what a lot of people will tell you, they are a totalitarian dictatorship with a communist party ruling their citizens.  Trust me, there is no constitution other that what the party wishes it to be today.  Nothing is cast in concrete within that country or any other communist ruled country even similar to our constitution.

Congressional Progressive Caucus

You are watching the ‘free country’ of America slipping through your fingers, year by year.  Voting for Marxists such as Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, and Beto O’Rourke will only make things worse.  They do not believe that the America you were born in is good.  They wish to alter our country into a ‘utopian state’ — ruled by less than 1% of the population holding 90% of the ‘gold’.  If you think things are tough now, imagine being in the bottom of the bottom layer of America now and wishing you at least had the basics for living — food, clothing, shelter.  That is what you get with a true socialist state.

You probably have a hard time understanding why anyone would want such a thing.  It’s simple, the goal is to get all of the control, power, and money collected in one small group that ‘knows what to do with it’ — THEM!

Understand that this ‘cancer’ is growing in this country.  It is not dormant or waiting to pounce decades from now.  We are a very short time away from the major parts of our constitution being striped away from us.  Then see how free you feel..?





Rednecks, Antifa, or Projection?

Projection is a tactic often used by those who wish to not acknowledge or avoid recognition of their shortcomings.  Or, they want to use their faults to attack someone else.  Not only do individuals use this tactic, but so do groups.

The following two articles are just a couple of examples of this tactic being used a lot today.  Leftists refer to conservatives as bible thumping, gun toting, racist, etc. people.  We hear this often on the public news.  But is it possible that this tactic is being used to an even greater level than we think?  On the internet?  Apparently that is the case.

I don’t know about you, but to me when you use the word ‘redneck’, it has the connotation that the person is white, conservative, etc.  This has been the case for decades.  But apparently the term has been ‘reconfigured’ and hijacked.

Along the same lines, ‘Oath Keepers’ has been in existence for several years and is comprised mainly of military and police.  Their concept is that they have sworn an oath to protect and defend America (Americans) to the best of their ability — a very worthy and honorable thing to do.  However, the second article below shows them as the complete opposite.  Yet another example of projection.

This is just one of the tactics that American(s) are being attacked with.  It should be every American’s interest to read beyond the print and to understand what is really being said and about who.  They call this ‘critical thinking’.  More Americans should practice it or we will be convinced that not only Santa Claus is dead, but so is God.

Redneck Revolt

Oath Keepers

We all need to be on watch for what’s coming next and who’s going to do what..?  ‘We the people’ are who run this asylum.  Otherwise, don’t complain if things get too ‘crazy’ for you in the near future.





War With The East — West?

Image result for war america images

I have said for over 20 years that the United States will be at war in the future with both Russia and China.  Even more boldly, I’ve suggested when that conflict would take place.  Which, on the surface sounds somewhat arrogant.  However, my rationale isn’t that difficult to understand once you look at the facts of the matter.

If we look back and study ‘recent’ history, we should notice that world economies are often down when war occurs.  For one nation to have money problems is one thing, but for many to have these problems, is another — much like the growing environment the world is seeing now.

We can also look back 100 years and see that the Japanese and Germans were building up their military forces just prior to war (when both were in trouble economically).  However the world didn’t believe it then — much like now.

Today Korea is busy building weapons as well Hamas, Iran, China, Russia, and who knows who else?  And, the economies of these countries currently are not good.  But what are they preparing for?  War, of course!  The only question is, when?  Each country has it’s primary enemy, but they may also align themselves to destroy their enemies’ allies.

The situation should be obvious, however we often choose not to acknowledge these points.  For those who do, they often respond by saying that the U.S. is unbeatable.  (Much like Britain was viewed in earlier history when a rag-tag small army beat them.  e.g., the Revolutionary war in America)

Where would the focus of all this expenditure and rage be pointed?  Israel of course.  Today Hamas has several times the number of weapons in which to use for attacking Israel, unlike anytime in history.  Iran also wants Israel wiped off the map — much like Hamas and other Muslim countries.

But what’s that got to do with America, you ask?  We are allies with Israel — we’re the only ally that counts.  To destroy Israel (the little Satan), you must first destroy America (the big Satan).  Some of that ire will be directed toward America — eventually.  I would suggest that the proposed significant event will occur when the economies of the world reach the boiling point.  That point could be in the not so distant future.

The questions are:  Are we physically prepared to address this attack?;  And, are we mentally prepared to not only ‘handle it’, but live through it and come out the other side stronger?

The state of America is a function of what we believe in and what we do.  Today ‘we the people’ are straying more each year from the God of Abraham (and the constitution).  As we get further away, we leave ourselves more unable to handle hardship — of any kind.  Not only do we grow weaker to handle outside influences, but we become weaker to handle the societal issues inside before us today — like the cold war that exists within America with ourselves.

We read about the ‘end times’ in the bible and see many things described for us, but don’t see much of anything mentioning (suggesting) America’s existence.  That may be because of America not existing when the ‘end’ comes.

All of this is a choice we as individuals get to make.  Collectively we determine the future of our country.  It’s our (your) choice.

The following is an update on our military crisis from NBC news and their source the National Defense Strategy Commission.

U.S. military in ‘crisis’

The following report is from retired general James Matis regarding our defenses and his strategy for strengthening our military.  (We already know that the U.S. isn’t prepared to fight two enemies on two fronts concurrently.)  I’d suggest reading it.  Even though you cannot prepare for what is coming militarily, you can prepare yourself for what is potentially coming.  Not only can you prepare physically, but mentally and religiously.  Believe me, when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan, you’ll want God in your corner to save you.  Beat the rush, start believing now.  Pray for help now, you might not have time then.

Report from James Matis





Immigration or Invasion?

Migrant Caravan Crosses Into Mexico
CIUDAD HIDALGO, MEXICO – OCTOBER 21: A migrant caravan, which has grown into the thousands, walks into the interior of Mexico after crossing the Guatemalan border on October 21, 2018 near Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico The caravan of Central Americans plans to eventually reach the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to cancel the recent trade deal with Mexico and withhold aid to Central American countries if the caravan isn’t stopped before reaching the U.S. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

The American people are being ‘played’.  Our society (along with others in the west) has fallen victim to social engineering.  Far too many people in this country (and Europe) want to ‘feel good‘.  And evil today is happily praying on those people.  They are allowing the Left to destroy what has taken over 200 years to create.

What’s at stake is: our standard of living; our current level of safety and security with the protection of our police; and a peaceful way of life.  If this group is allowed into America, how are our police going to deal with even more issues with less people to address the additional criminal element.  Police are now being demoralized by not only the bad people, but by the ‘good people’ as well.  Police are retiring in droves to escape the stress of hate received from their neighbors.  The younger generation does not wish to subject themselves to that same stress thus leading to an even greater shortage.  As a consequence, many police agencies are severely lacking in head-count.

The video below shows who the ‘migrants’ are and where they are coming from.  And, it demonstrates via the ‘migrants’ own words why they are coming here.  Many of those, in the thousands of people (mob), are afraid for their lives while in Mexico because of the criminal element from within the ‘migrants’.  The vast majority are coming here for money — free money.  Can you imagine what impact these people will have on this country we supposedly love..?  Some Americans, apparently not so much.

All of this is being orchestrated by those with a LOT of money — the elites, not the middle class American who is trying to build a life for their family in an environment that supports success — not failure.  For example, George Soros sponsors an organization called ‘People without borders’ — you’ll see it referenced in the video.

The destruction of America is the goal — to accommodate the globalist agenda — world socialism.  If you don’t believe it, just wait a few years.  If we stay on this path, we’re as doomed as the Roman Empire thousands of years ago.  Basically for the same reasons.


And you wonder why our president has a problem with Mexico.  While reading a government report recently, I learned that among all of the countries in the world, Honduras has the worst homicide rate and the distinction of being #1!  Isn’t it reasonable to assume that some of those in the caravan are murders?  Check out the police escorts of these criminals as they travel during their ‘journey’.  Thank you Mexico!!?

If America continues to ignore what is right in front of them, they deserve the punishment they receive in the end — the loss of the greatest country in world history.

If you want to make a difference and be a part of the solution, please consider sharing this information with your friends and family.





United Nations — Good or Bad?

Related image

World globalism is growing rapidly.  Borderless countries are popping up with apparent dire consequences as a result.  Muslims are streaming into Europe with devastating impact.  Although many Americans want secured borders, we have thousands of people from the south of us invading this country every year!  What is driving this trend?

The United Nations (U.N.) has a lot to do with it.  One of their goals is to create a ‘one world government’ — a globalist society if you will.  But why?  Their answer is peace.  Their logic is, if we are one country we have only one country to get along with — ourselves.  What we often fail to recognize is that the U.N. is made up of many countries around the world.  The power brokers of the world are those who chose who gets to be part of the ‘click’ or not and if they get a vote (within the U.N.).  Is it no wonder that many of the countries that make up the U.N. are communist dictatorships with tyrants for leaders and starving people for an electorate.

Isn’t it also of interest that one of the communist goals, documented in 1963, was to get China accepted into the U.N.  “Goal #7 — Grant recognition of Red China and admission of Red China to the U.N.”  They have done well!

So now we focus back on America.  Why would the ‘world’ want America to be flooded with lower educated socialists who have made it obvious (by coming in the back door) that they are looking for a ‘free lunch’.  Because the intent is to create a third world country out of America.  Yes, this sounds nuts.  But the rationale behind their thinking is what’s scary.  By lowering the education level of Americans, by demonstrating the lack of interest in enforcing laws, they create a place where another socialist state can grow from, and add to, the globalist society.  THAT is the real goal — to eventually create a single world government where the elite can experience their life’s goal of rule over everyone — and yes, that includes you.

This effort is getting easier every day in the U.S. through the apathy of Americans.  And the globalist socialists are getting very close to ‘snapping our rubber-band’ (bringing us to the point of breakage).  If left unchecked, America will be nothing like it was 40-50 years ago.  It isn’t now for the matter, but in 15-20 years it will be totally unrecognizable at the rate we’re going.

The recent election process did not come out as some wanted.  But, the goal was met, it was yet another step ‘forward’ for the ‘party’ members.  With the House majority, the Left may now march forward with their agenda to stop president Trump (his screwing up their accomplishments) and return to taking freedoms from the American public.  e.g., gun control

The question is, what are YOU going to do to help stop this war we are in with ourselves?  If you’re on the Right complaining and sitting on your butt, or on the Left waiting for another handout, shame on you both.  Your children and theirs will be left with a country of trials and tribulations like never experienced in U.S. history.  And, it will all come back on you.  Thanks grandpa.?!

I for one do not believe any of us wants to be part of the problem.  But it isn’t clear that the average American wants to be part of the solution either.  Too many are sitting on their hands doing nothing waiting for the other guy to do something.  Yes, you might have voted.  But look what the Left is doing with our election process.  Dead people and illegals are voting to determine your future!  And what is your government doing about enforcing laws regarding elections?  Not much that I can see.

The least Americans can do is get informed, learn what their stance really is, research and study to learn the truth and facts about what you believe in.  Start with the articles that I’ve written.  Check them out.  See if any of it is real.  Take a stand for truth.  Get involved.  Do something!  Time is getting short.

If you think the U.N. will save the world and maintain peace in this crazy world of ours, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in: Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Israel, North Korea, et al.  We are all sitting on a tinderbox.  And there’s a lot of people running around with matches.  What’s the U.N. doing about that?  Where are the blue hats when you need them?  Typically they’re found raping women and robbing men.  What does that tell us?  And why do we, the U.S., pay the lions share of the U.N.’s costs?  What are we nuts?  Do we not see the logic of our president for banging the heads of the U.N. to pay their fair share while screwing us every way they can?

If nothing else, start looking now for your hiding place here in America way outside of any large urban area.  Build your bunker and get ready, or help with the spreading of the word to others as where we are and where we’re going.  Be part of the solution.

The following links are to webpages sharing facts about the U.N. — members, countries, etc.

What is the Security Council?

Who are the current members?

Who are the member States?

And, for more evidence of the on-going corruption of this world — thanks to the U.N., consider also reading this article.  It further clarifies how a border less world is their goal.

Migration Is a Human Right


You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.” — Eldridge Cleaver

“If you don’t fight evil, you will eventually be consumed by it, and ultimately, you will become evil.” — Phil Vasile





Re-balancing America’s Prosperity

A recent article from Prophecy News Watch tells of the plight of Americans today and how they are struggling to ‘survive’ our current economic status.  Understanding that there are those who will always be ‘at the bottom’ of the food chain — by choice or otherwise — we need to understand ‘why’ we’re in our economic situation, and what will get us out of it.

The American people are, in general, resilient and good at ‘coming back’.  The Revolutionary war was a great example of that resiliency.  All we need is the right motivation, and then get out of our way!  World War II was another example — the Japanese learned that lesson at a high cost.

But, one can argue, that we are in the situation we are today because of the things done in this country during the Obama era — not just economic, but our world status and sense of leadership in the world.  Like FDR, Obama made a recession into a gloomy time with little growth and extended that period mercilessly.  We were told that 1.5-2% growth was the ‘new normal’.  Every time we would watch the news, we would see him bowing to kiss some foreign leader’s hand or disparage America in some way.  And on the local front his did everything he could to pit this country against itself — economically, racially, politically, etc.  Is it no wonder we were depressed for eight years?

During his tenure he did his best to allow those from our southern border to enter this country without any resistance.  Today we have millions of lower educated people flooding our welfare system and taking up some of our lower paying jobs.

But even worse, he did his best to promote the moving of good paying jobs overseas!   Now even those who were skilled workers were busted down to lower paying jobs shoving those beneath them to even lower paying jobs (what used to be part-time jobs).  Now that’s depressing.  Many in America had to obtain two jobs to make ends meet. . .  sort of.

Now today there are those who complain that president Trump hasn’t done enough (anything) for those who struggle at the lower-middle-class in our society.  Although he implemented a tax reform which has re-energized our economy, there are still those complaining that we haven’t done enough for the middle class.  Well, give the man some time and let him implement phase-2 of his tax plan — that being another tax cut specifically for the middle class.  (Estimates are that he wants that cut to be 10% and for the middle class only.)

But now that the democratic party has taken over the House, it is very doubtful that they will help employ yet another cut.  My guess is they’ll do what they can to get rid of his first cut!  If that were to happen, we’d be in the next recession for our country quickly.  Then we’d all be very unhappy.

Reality is that around 47% of the American public do not pay taxes at all.  Many of them in fact receive government benefits and do little to nothing for them.  It is therefore hard to devise greater help for that group.  Therefore we should work on those who are in the next ‘rung of the ladder’ — those in the lower part of the middle class.  If we give them a ‘leg up’ to help them raise even higher in the middle class, they would leave behind them a vacuum for that 47% to get to work or get a better job.  At least some of those people would rise quickly.

To help facilitate this entire scenario, we need to bring a lot more jobs back to America.  Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost to India, Russia, China, and other societies with some level of education and ‘motivation’.  A significant example of that work is IT jobs — programmers, engineers, etc.  Those are the jobs that will be most critical in our very near future.  Technology has only started and has a long way to go toward automating the world.  We need to move on this issue now while we still have some level of expertise left.  (Babyboomers are dying off at a rate of 10,000/day!)  If not, our country can slip further down the food-chain in this world leaving it’s people in an even more depressed state.

To whine and complain and ask for handouts is not the American way.  We do NOT need a socialist society.  We are more than capable of lifting ourselves out of the funk the Obama administration put us into.  We just need to fight those who are trying to drag us into a third world situation so that an extreme minority can rule this country with an iron fist and take all of our riches for themselves.  Every socialist country in history has done just that to their people.  We must not allow that to happen on our watch!!

Please excuse my seeming rant.  It’s veteran’s day and the military in me is showing.  But we actually do need more fighters in this country and less whiners.  Please recommend this reading to your friends to help re-energize America.  We’re better than this.

The following ‘poor me’ article is what motivated this response.  I hope you can see why I wrote what I did.

62 Percent Of All U.S. Jobs Do Not Pay Enough




Fed Up Yet?

Many websites insist that their authors write articles of at least 600-1200 words.  Since it’s the 21st century and everyone is running madly to keep up, this arbitrary rule sounds counterproductive.  If people are too busy to read these extremely long articles, why do they publish them?

In the interest of out-doing myself with the most terse of articles, I submit he following.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.






The elite just can’t seem to grasp the ‘point’ of all these new liberating views..?  Although we can’t help enlighten them, we CAN ignore their illogical thinking and think for ourselves.


With YOUR brain, not theirs!!!

Vote intelligently, vote informed!!


We’re just one vote away from being enslaved by the socialists who seek total power, control, and our freedom.  Their success is up to you!