Terrorism in the U.S. and Our No-Action Plan

Whether you are on the right or the left, one thing should be obvious by now.  Our federal government is having no significant impact on terrorism in this country.  Yes they’ve caught a few people.  But a blind man can catch a crook in a phone booth.  Today our feds (e.g., FBI) have been all but hamstrung to keep them as ineffective as possible.  But, this should not be of any surprise.  Read communist goal #35 — Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

One thing is being accomplished though.  Since implementing the Patriot act and the DHS, we have, if nothing else, lost a fair amount of our freedom in this country.  The scary thing is, they aren’t done yet.  All that is needed is more ‘activity’ to excuse the removal of more freedom.  With open boarders and illegals from ‘all over the world’ coming to this country, we will have more problems — like it or not.  Which will lead to more ineffective and expensive programs that will require even more of our freedom erased.

So, with that said, please read the following article taken from one of my sources.  I doubt you’ll find anything to argue with other than the FBI is concentrated on ‘white supremacists’ and Jewish organizations.  Islamic terrorists?  No, not here…? 


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