Blood Moons – God’s Signs for Us

For those who are not religious at all, you may not find this post of particular interest.  However, for those who ‘believe’, this should be of significant import to you because the subject lunar phenomena has significant importance when they fall on Jewish holidays — as is the case of the one we are in now

First, let’s define exactly what we are talking about.  I refer to what is called a tetrad, which is four blood moons occurring within a one year time-frame with each of them falling on a Jewish holiday, and with a full solar eclipse in the middle.  This has only occurred three times since Christ was on earth.  We are now in the fourth occurrence as of April 15th, 2014.  Atheists refer to these as just happenstance.  However, they also refer to all of the blood moons that have occurred without specific particulars and with no mention of the Jewish holidays — which is what makes these distinctive.  The previous occurrences in history were: 1493-1494, 1949-1950, 1967-1968.

So what happened around the times of the first three you ask. 

In 1492 Columbus sailed from Spain to ultimately find the American continent.  So what’s the big deal?  It is conjectured by some that Columbus was secretly Jewish and/or was contacted by the Jews in Spain to help them flee the country.  Why?  Because queen Isabella ordered all Jews out of the country within ‘two weeks’.  (And were instructed to leave all their worthwhile worldly possessions behind.)  Consequently they wanted to find a place to run to — quick.  And because no countries at the time wanted them to move to their country, they had to find a new place to live. 

It was in 1948 that Jerusalem was formed as a Jewish state — hence the 1949-1950 tetrad.  This was done as a result of the 2nd world war and the extermination of six millions Jews.  (Obviously of significance to the Jews.) 

In 1968 the six-day war occurred which was fought between the Jews (Israel), Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon.  While out numbered, out gunned, and flanked on all sides by people who wanted to kill all Jews, the tiny state of Israel beat all of their foes in ‘six days’!!  A noteworthy experience for sure.  (See details for that operation here.)

Which now leads us to today’s tetrad — 2014-2015.  So the question is, “What is this tetrad’s purpose?  What is it that God wants to bring our attention? 

Obviously I am in no position to make hasty claims.  But, may I point out at least three key facts?

  1. All previous tetrads have not just fallen on Jewish holidays, but they were related to the Jewish people. 
  2. There now exists conflict in the middle-east that is probably the most significant of its type in recent history.
  3. And lastly, it should be noted that there are more Jews in the U.S. than in Israel.

So what can we presume from all of this?  It is hard to say, but it is my guess that it will be pretty spectacular!  I also wouldn’t rule out it including the USA. 

Also of interest is another phenomena which is occurring next year — a Shemitah year.  A Shemitah year is one which is defined in Jewish history.  It is a year where the Jews are to not harvest their crops.  The purpose is that God instructed them to do this to honor Him.  What is key to us, is that this year (2015) is also defined as a harbinger year.  The last harbinger year (2008) was when our stock market crashed.  The one prior (2001) was when 911 occurred! 

My point is, we all should be getting ready for potential problems in our near future.

For a more detailed report, see:


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