Boiling the Frog

Today we see and hear far too many things in the news that are not only shocking, but hard to believe.  If a thinking person hears these things, they should ask themselves, “Why would they do this?”

A recent example in the news this week:

Recently an eight year old girl had to have an operation to save her life.  Due to several medical problems she has had more than one operation and her (single) mother was of course stressed and worried about her child.

The day of the operation the child’s mother was waiting in the waiting room and learned that her daughter’s school had sent people to the hospital to ‘administer a test to her daughter’ upon completion of her surgery..?!  As the child was wheeled out of surgery, the instructors (?) asked to speak to the daughter.  The mother obviously refused such bizarre action and said that under no circumstances would she allow a test to be done until her child was home and recuperated.

So the question is, why would a bureaucracy do such a thing?  The obvious answer is, they were ordered to do so.  But one should ask, who gave such a crazy order and why?

Upon reflection, the answer should be obvious — that government agency is attempting to do two things:  invoke ‘control’ over the child and family, and to desensitize them.

The American public is being desensitized almost daily with such stories.  And how often to you hear of outrage on the news?  Given enough time, the public will be so desensitized that ‘they’ will be free to do almost anything they want without any push-back.  One must wonder how long this will continue before ‘someone’ wakes up..??

Or will it be too late..?


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