TV Propaganda

One of the things the communist party in the U.S.  have to do in order to take over this country is to pervert the thinking of the American public.  During the soviet union period of Russia, propaganda was used daily to make their people believe whatever they wanted — worse yet, it worked.

Fast-forward to today in the U.S.  Now ‘we’ are being subjected to propaganda daily!  Allow me to share just a few tidbits of propaganda I have collected by taking pictures of my TV screen after finding bizarre titles and synopsis narratives.


‘Kidnapped for Christ’ — What a title.!?  Here we have an example of how those ‘crazies’ with their bibles are abusing innocent children.

The point: Christians are bad!!


‘Warm Bodies’ — Zombies are typically viewed as a ‘bad thing’.  However, although very subtle, a zombie here is doing a good thing worthy of even gaining the love of a living woman..?

The point:  Bad is good  (Which is becoming a very common theme today.


‘Breakfast on Pluto’ — A young cross-dresser prostitute is ‘common enough’ to join a magician on stage to entertain people.

The point: Cross-dressing is perfectly ‘normal’.  Desensitize the public into believing perverse behavior is normal.


‘1492: Conquest of Paradise’ — How Columbus corrupted America.

Once again we have an example of how the people of this country are lead to believe that ‘we’ are evil.  How often have you heard of the U.S. referred to as the ‘imperialistic’ country?  Well, here’s yet another example of how our forefathers were the foundation of that evil.

The point: The United States and its people are evil.


‘The Great Martian War’ — You’re going to love this one!!

I actually watched part of this ‘documentary’ on the BBC channel while channel surfing.  At first I thought is a spoof.  But after a few minutes of watching very good cinema and life like depictions, it was difficult for me to discern if it was for real or not.  They even had British people interviewed who were present during the ‘Martian war’..?  At one point they brought a museum curator on to be interviewed to talk about ‘facts and evidence’ from that war.

This documentary was one and a half hours long.  And I couldn’t help but think how many of our less ‘enlightened’ people in this country would actually believe what they were seeing.  History is being perverted daily on the ‘History’ channel, H2, et al.

As fast as the wool is being pulled over the eyes of the public, my guess is they will be — as Lenin once said — ‘useful idiots’.

My action point is, look for propaganda in your life.  Think ‘critically’ and don’t just accept ridiculous propaganda like this without running it past your B.S. filter.


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