Killing General Patton

George Patton was one of the strongest generals during WWII.  Although he wasn’t liked by many, he was a general who got things done — he wasn’t so political.

Toward the end of WWII it started to become clear that Stalin wanted to convert the entire world to communism.  Apparently Patton was aware of that and wanted to do all he could to insure Stalin was stopped.  Stalin was quite aware of Patton’s views and found him to be a dangerous threat to Russia’s aspirations.

Bill O’Reilly has recently done an investigation of Patton’s untimely death and has documented the strange things that happened during and after his death.  His new book, ‘Killing Patton‘ describes in great detail the events surrounding his death.

The following web page has a video on it well worth watching.  There are things in the interview of O’Reilly that I doubt anyone has ever heard before.  I know most of it was new to me!

Bill O’Reilly’s interview

Click on the video and watch it or read the narrative below on that page.  Either way, it is truly interesting.


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