New Braunfels Islamic Center

Just when you think you’re safe and the ‘crazies’ are too far away to harm you, it becomes clear that they are moving into your neighborhood!

I heard rumors of it, but now it is clear…  the Muslims are in New Braunfels!!  My only question is, “How long will it be before we’re told that Christian need to move out of town?”

New Braunfels Mosque

I have seen in the past Muslims move into a small unassuming venue, build attendance, collect money, get financial support from the middle-east, then build a really big compound.  Once established, they begin to drive home their value systems, laws, etc. on the surrounding community.

Because Texas has more mosques than any other state in the country, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  Why so many in Texas, you ask?  Because if Texas falls, the country falls.  I only hope that the people of this state catch on soon..?


2 thoughts on “New Braunfels Islamic Center”

  1. Why not engage them with the love of Christ and not be afraid. We should not have a spirit of fear, but of love for them and all those who do not follow Christ. They have to hear to believe.


    1. Philosophically I agree with you. However, have you ever tried to rationalize and/or proselytize with a grizzly bear??! To stay alive you can’t run, hide, or much of anything else but kill him before he kills you.

      I’m sure those who are fleeing the middle-east would agree..?


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