North America Continent Plan

If you’ve ever read the bible, you should know that we are headed toward a ‘one world government’ which is being driven by a select few who see themselves as those empowered to do so.

The following is a report written by a few of those who have ‘our best interest‘ in mind.  The intent is to incorporate Canada and Mexico into the U.S. and make us a ‘one continent government’.  The objective being to equalize our nations, remove boarders, and improve corporate wealth.

Does this sound a bit hard to believe?  You can read the following PDF (or just my highlighted text) to see for yourself.  Of interest, one the the key authors/supporters of this plan is none other than David H. Petraeus.

North America Continent Plan

You can speed read this text by skipping to pages:  3, 42, 62, and 82.  They represent key text of interest.

One of the groups behind such thinking is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  I the following video link, you can see from Hillary’s first hand remarks that our country is apparently driven by this organization significantly.  One must ask, why?  To what end?

Hillary Clinton Addressing the CFR

Also see — CFR: 2016 Candidates Must Build an ‘Integrated’ North America

P.S.   What ‘is’ the one world government objective?  Communism!!



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