The Challenges of Law Enforcement

As most of us know, what we see on TV with regards to law enforcement is largely fantasy.  There is no way a cop is going to be involved in a shooting and 20 minutes later be back on the street.

And, what they often do not depict is the multitasking required to do a normal day’s job.  Typically, the deputy must:  drive his car while avoiding the crazies on the road;  watch and listen for potential crimes;  listen to the car’s police radio to hear your call-sign or your buddies in your area to be able to back up them in a timely manner;  read and type on your car’s computer (while focusing on task #1);  all the while talking to your partner — assuming you have one (often not).

However, when you do arrive at a call, reactions must be quick and accurate.  Often these decisions must be made in milliseconds, with the outcome potentially being years of repercussions.

The following web-page video and text spells out how difficult these decisions can be.  Watch the video first and then read the text below it.  Then ask yourself if you could/would do this job.??  Especially in a professional, accurate, and safe manner.

Patrol Decisions

Officers ordered the suspect to put the assault rifle down, and that is what he did, right?  It appears he is complying and they shoot him anyway!

Watch the video again watching the suspect’s right hand as he places the rifle down with his left hand.  The action you don’t see by facing this criminal  is the suspect pulling a hidden handgun from his rear waistband with his right hand.  However the officer’s partner (standing to the rear of the suspect) sees this action and yells “Gun” before firing.  This time you should notice the suspect goes down with the handgun still in his right hand.

Now imagine how complicated shootings can be and ask yourself, the next time there is an officer involved shooting, what will I think then??


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