Popular Mechanics Magazine’s Political View

One of my favorite magazines is Popular Mechanics.  I’ve learned a lot by reading that publication over the last few years.  However, I’m afraid I’m seeing the end of my subscription soon.

In the November issue there are two articles which are very telling.  The first is titled ‘The Popular Mechanics Congressional scorecard’.  This ‘unbiased’ report (coming from a science based magazine) presents how America is being held back by a dysfunctional congress.  Better yet, they point out five of the worst offenders to the downfall of our country’s ability to produce.  Surprisingly, four of them are republicans!  (Go figure)

For each of the five they include quotes by each to demonstrate how they are disruptors of progress.  For example, Rand Paul: “In the military they have $5.2M they spent on goldfish.”  Their response: “Paul’s erroneous justification for cutting billions of dollars of science-research funding from the federal budget.”  And another is none only than Ted Cruz: “It’s cold.  Al Gore told us this wouldn’t happen!”  Their response: “Climate change denier Cruz on the unseasonably low temps in D.C. earlier this year.”  And on they go poking sticks at Louie Gohmart, etc.  However, they notably point out the eleven democrats who are progressive in their thinking and of supreme benefit to our country by fighting global warming and other relevant issues which the other republican politicians won’t.

In the text of their article they go on to say that a government agency (created by the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act of 2013) should be created to establish ‘hubs’ throughout the country to “work together to drive rapid innovation”.  Once again, if you read the communist goals for the U.S., you will find a goal for the party to grab control of our manufacturing industry.

But if the intent of this article wasn’t clear to now, they make it very clear why the have written it.  Their one statement clarifies things well: “… But it’s midterm-election time in America, and 33 Senate seats and every seat in the House of Representatives are up for grabs.”  This leftist driven article makes it clear, if you want industry to succeed in America, vote for democrats!!

If this isn’t enough to cause a subscription cancellation, their article on page 76 ought to do it — ‘The New Bird Map’.  “An unprecedented study by the National Audubon Society shows the effects global warming will have on bird climate ranges through 2080.”

Isn’t it amazing that these ubber-intelligent (bird) people can tell us what the weather will be over sixty years from now, but they can’t even get it right for next week!!?

I’ve been thinking that the value of their articles have been not so slowly going downhill, but this is the last straw for me.  I might as well get a subscription to Mad magazine as to read this crap…


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