Ebola Czar Ron Klain on “Overpopulation”

We are SO far down the road to destruction in this country it is hard to believe.!!?  If  you observed one of my talks or read anything about Karl Marx, you would have learned that one of his key tenants is that ‘people are the problem’.  In his view, we have entirely too many people on this planet and people are the key problem.  (You may have heard something like this elsewhere recently.?)

Now we have our new ‘czar’ of Ebola.  😦  Listen to what this guy has to say demonstrating his ‘serious concern’ (?) regarding the people of this country.  Note how he even mentions there are too many people and ‘something’ needs to be done.  By us?  Why?  Because we’re the world leaders??!  Really??

Ron Klain on Health

Be afraid America…  very afraid.  Then maybe you will take action..??



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