Understanding America’s Vulnerability

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  I have mentioned before a three-headed threat which we face today — that is real.  If I were the only person who warned people of this threat, then it would be reasonable to assume that I was a nut-case.  But I am seeing more and more well respected people talking about the same issue with grave seriousness.  That threat is an EMP — natural or man made.

The following video created by Hillsdale college,  is a terrific lecture on this topic which takes someone from unaware to well informed in just a few minutes.  I’d suggest watching at least the first twenty minutes of it to fully understand the threat and its impact.  The key point here is to ‘prepare‘, just in case.

Video on Threats Facing the U.S.  (You can skip to the 3:30 mark.)

Note that the ‘Shield Act‘ addresses making these threats of little consequence at very small expense.  (HR 2417)  Although it was written and submitted to congress in June of 2013, it has yet been recognized or even voted on..?  One must ask ‘why’ this sort of behavior should exist.?  Ignorance?  Arrogance?  Or worse, other..?

This website explains what it is, its purpose, etc. in simple terms.  Or you can read the text from the link above (HR 2417).


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