Felons Released

As if a bad economy isn’t enough of a problem, now we have to kick ‘felons’ out of jail and put them back on the street…  to save money?  Is this supposed to be good for the honest citizens of this country?

For years California has been releasing criminals due to over crowding in the county jails.  Now, they’re releasing them from prison!!  The following article tells of a recent proposition passed that allows for thousands of felons to be released annually — until further notice!  And what’s scary is, they don’t have to necessarily stay in California.

California Proposition 47 Passes

L.A. county has been releasing prisoners early for decades.  The average person sentenced to the county servers only 30% of their sentence — if that!!  And since the 90’s, ‘non-violent’ criminals (e.g., auto theft) have been released right after sentencing!!  They built a new county jail (Twin Towers) that was twice as big as Central Jail, and they’re BOTH now over 100% occupancy — even with the early release programs!!  But hey, the police have nothing to do but eat donuts.!!?

And as the economy continues to spiral down, this problem will only get worse and spread to other states.  It would seem that the 2nd amendment continues to become even more important daily.


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