Saul Alinsky & Ferguson, MO.

The vast majority of the American public are totally unaware of Saul Alinsky, much less his relationship to our president.  However the connection should be much clearer if you heard the statements made by our president regarding Ferguson and the video comments you hear below.

Obama stated on air this week that although we follow the law in this country, some people do not agree with the findings of the court and they have a good reason to not agree — implying that a racial component exists.  But when you listen to Alinsky’s views, it should be no wonder that a president who was effectively trained by this guy should think the way he does.

Please listen to the Alinsky interview done in 1967 while thinking about Ferguson.  Then ask yourself if we’re meeting his goals in this country..?  Do the people rioting in the streets protest for things, or just steal them!?

Saul Alinsky — 1967 Interview




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