Future Jobs in America

Sometimes we search for information and get quite a surprise when we find that the answer we found is not what we expected.!?

Having heard that the jobs market may be dim in our future, I looked for projections to tell me what we should expect.  I was once again surprised to see what some of the answers were.  Below I have included a PDF URL link with a report on the 2013-2017 time frame.  What really surprised me is where jobs would be located — a LOT.

Please read the the following report.  (You need not hang on every word.)  But for those of you locals out there, you might find the two top cities in America to be somewhat close to you..!?  I would especially focus on pages 7-8 (tables).  I guess the good news is, things will be looking up locally.  But the bad news is, we shouldn’t get surprised when a whole bunch of people flock into our cities and they grow exponentially.?!

Job Forecast for 2017 Timeframe

Maybe this will get my daughter here.?!




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