Justice4USA 2014 in Review

WordPress.com is kind enough to create stats for 2014 and generate an annual report for my blog.  If interested, click on the link below to see the activity this blog has received over the last five months (since created).  It’s amazing how far and wide your words can reach..?!


Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 27 trips to carry that many people.

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3rd Quarter Economic Signs

The following article came from a newsletter I receive.  What is interesting in it is the author’s breakdown of the wonderful news on how our economy is on fire..?!  Let’s just say that the American public better start paying attention.


According to the newest version of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the US economy is smoking hot. The BEA reported that GDP grew at an astonishing 5.0% annualized rate in the third quarter.

5% is BIG number.

The New York Times couldn’t gush enough, given a rare chance to give President Obama an economic pat on the back. “The American economy grew last quarter at its fastest rate in over a decade, providing the strongest evidence to date that the recovery is finally gaining sustained power more than five years after it began.”

Moreover, this is the second revision to the third quarter GDP—1.1 percentage points higher than the first revision—and the strongest rate since the third quarter of 2003.

However, that 5% growth rate isn’t as impressive if you peek below the headline number.

Fun with Numbers #1: The biggest improvement was in the Net Exports category, which increased by 112 basis points. How did they manage that?  There was a downturn in Imports.

Fun with Numbers #2: Of the 5% GDP growth, 0.80% was from government spending, most of which was on national defense. I’m a big believer in a strong national defense, but building bombs, tanks, and jet fighters is not as productive to our economy as bridges, roads, and schools.

Fun with Numbers #3: Almost half of the gain came from Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) and deserves extra scrutiny. Of that 221 bps of PCE spending:

  • Services spending accounts for 115 bps. Of that 115, 15 bps was from nonprofits such as religious groups and charities. The other 100 bps was for household spending on “services.”
  • Of that 100 bps, the two largest categories were Healthcare spending (52 bps) and Financial Services/Insurance (35 bps).

The end result is that 85% of the contribution to GDP from Household Spending on Services came from healthcare and insurance! In short… those are code words for Obamacare!

While the experts on Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street were overjoyed, I see just another pile of white-collar manure and nothing to shout about.

Fun with Numbers #4: Lastly, the spending on Goods—the backbone of a health, growing economy—declined by 27 bps.

In a related news, the November durable goods report showed a -0.7% drop in spending, quite the opposite of the positive number that Wall Street was expecting.

Of course, Wall Street doesn’t want little things like facts to get in the way of their year-end bonus. As we close out 2014, the stock market marched higher and ignored things like:

  • The reaction of the bond market to the 5% number. Bonds should have softened in the face of such strong economic numbers, but the “adults” (the bond traders) on Wall Street saw the same manure that I did.
  • If the economy was as healthy as the BEA wants us to believe, the “patience” and “considerable time” promise of the FOMC should soon be broken… right?

I spend most of the year in Asia, including China, and I am seeing the same level of numbers massaging by our government as China’s. In China, the government leaders establish statistical goals and the government bean counters find creative ways to tweak the data to achieve those goals.

Zero interest rates.

24/7 central bank printing.

See-no-evil analysts.

Financial smoke and mirrors.

That’s the financially dangerous world we live in, and I hope that you have some type of strategy in place to deal with the bursting of what’s becoming a very big, debt-fueled bubble.

Tony Sagami
Tony Sagami

Well, that gives things a new light!!?



A message from law enforcement

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cop on the street?  Do you think you would make a good cop?  First, watch the video in this link.  Then continue on reading this article and ask yourself if you would still have this attitude.

The following text was copied from a forum that I am registered with.  That text demonstrates the kind of people that serve and protect our communities.  Although a few lawless and deluded people would ask that police be killed, still our police maintain an attitude of service.

All of us have been shaken by the tragic news that two New York City police officers and a Tarpon Springs, Florida police officer were assassinated by gunmen this past weekend.  I know that each of you shares in the sadness and anger of these horrible incidents; our partners in New York and Florida could have been any of us. They were killed not because of who they were or anything they had done, but because of what they represent.  And I want to speak with you for a moment about that.

Each of us entered into law enforcement and took the oath because we wanted to help others — often people who cannot help themselves.  We knew it would be a dangerous and often thankless job. We knew what happened to Officers Liu, Ramos and Kondek could happen to us; we have seen it happen to our partners too many times before.  However hard we train, however strong our relationship with the community, we wear uniforms and drive marked cars.  The same presence that keeps our community feeling safe places us at constant risk, as you know all too well.  Yet we all pin on the badge each day just the same, without skipping a beat.

As we grieve for our partners in New York and Florida, I remind you to be ever-vigilant, use sound tactics, and back your partners. In spite of the risk and danger, the community rests peacefully because of your courage and dedication, and I thank you for that service.

That is the sort of people we have watching over us.  Are there any bad cops out there?  Yes.  What percentage are there that are proven to be bad police?  Less than 1%!!  Name another profession with that sort of record..?!

It is as the one time chief of police in Los Angeles once said, “We’re always going to have these problems as long as we have to keep hiring police from the human race.”

Leaders to Stand up and speak reason

People are becoming fearful of our future and the direction America is headed.  We look to our leaders to ‘stand up and speak truthfully’.  But all too often we hear nothing but lies — many times what we want to hear.

Listen to this speech given by Charlie Chaplin in a movie created ‘The Great Dictator ‘ October 15th, 1940.  His speech is what we should be hearing today — before we end up a totalitarian state ruled by an oligarchy.

The Great Dictator

Now THAT’S a speech!!  I doubt we’ll hear this kind of speech from our leader over the next two years.



Abortion — A stark reality

This topic is decades old.  However most of us have no idea what an ‘abortion’ really is.  We think that a girl goes into a clinic and a doctor ‘magically’ makes a fetus just disappear!!?  Yes, a fetus.  No, we don’t call them a ‘child’.  That would be too hard to swallow — killing a kid!?

The following videos are presented for you to share with those who may not think that an abortion is really an ugly thing.  Once again, most people think that the ‘non-thing’ inside a woman is not a child and is removed cleanly.  Not true.

This first video is of a news crew watching the second video (below).  By their expressions you can tell that it has a dramatic affect on them.

TV Crew Reaction to Abortion


The link below is the video the TV crew was watching.


This is a VERY graphic video.  However, I really believe that any woman in this country should be required to view it before she can receive an abortion operation.  Here in Texas a woman is currently required to receive a sonogram and view it prior to her abortion operation.  Since that law has been implemented numerous woman have cancelled their operations.  I really think that this video would clear the decks and save thousands of lives per year if shown to pregnant women.  Yes lives.  If that isn’t clear after watching this brief film, you weren’t paying attention.

Created Equal

Please consider sharing this with others as it may impact them and help reduce the number of deaths as a result of abortion.  Over 70 million kids have been killed via abortion since we legalized it in this country alone!





Michael Brown — Someone to look up to.??

By now everyone in this country has heard about this ‘young man’ who was tragically shot to death by a gun wielding cop with an agenda.  Right..?

Well, check out the video on this page to see the real character of the ‘good boy’ mom set lose on this country.  Correction, his grand parents set lose.  (Mikey’s parents dumped him and let his grand parents raise him because there were a bit busy with ‘other things’.)

Michael Brown Criminal Assault


Warning:  This is a very shocking video.




Speaking to God — And watching for answers

Every day miracles occur.  The problem is, we often aren’t watching for them.  Today people often say they do not believe (in much of anything).  Once in awhile however, there are occasions where miracles are hard to ignore.  And, better yet, they are all too often not shared with others to help with ridding the public of disbelief.

Recently one of those occasions occurred, but of course the media is not reporting it.  What makes this ‘experience‘ significant is it involves someone who we typically don’t see as religious — at all.  Angelina Jolie has been a known quantity for some time.  But we don’t equate her with anything remotely religious.

Read the following article and pray that this experience helps bring others to God.

Discovering the power of prayer