Sheriff Clarke vs. Holder

Our chief law enforcement officer for this country has come out once again in ‘favor of’ racism and anti-law enforcement rhetoric.  Why?  Because the administration he is a key part of has an agenda — to ‘fundamentally transform this country’.  What better way to create chaos in our country than to pit groups against one another.  In one of his recent speeches he all but told the American public that [all] police in this country cannot be trusted.  The question is, ‘Who can we trust?’ — the feds?  I seriously doubt it.

The following video is of Wisconsin sheriff Clarke who is, telling it like it is, while reading Mr. Holder the riot act.  Holder has shown his cards more than once.  And by now it should be clear — he’s a racist black who is trying to create civil unrest.  What a disgusting human being.

Sheriff Clarke vs. Holder video

What the American public should be asking is, “Why would he intentionally do such a thing?”  The answer should be obvious.  If we cannot trust our local police, we should trust the feds when a serious problem occurs.

Again, the question should be why.  Because he and his minions have plans to create chaos and they want to control it — NOT the local police.  And why would that be you ask?  Because that point is when they will put into place the last steps of that transformation we have heard about so much earlier.








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