Our Future and Our Role

We are at a point in history that we will see one of two things over the next 20+ years — wondrous inventions and life better than we could ever imagine, or death and destruction not ever seen in history.

Please watch the following amazing video, and then read on below.

Hidden Miracles

Now consider this proposition:

Today we see things occurring that scare the hell out of us.  Destruction due to storms, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural (?) phenomena.  We see terrorist murdering innocent people.  Nations preparing for war.  Economies collapsing.  Why?

This world has largely lost its way over the last one or two generations.  WWI and WWII weren’t enough to get our attention.  Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin appear today as merely being ‘bad memories’.  Yet we have their current age counterparts here and now, ready to take action.  What is to stop this crazy runaway world?

My thoughts point to a crisis.  A world crisis that will wake up these lost societies and bring them back to reality.  IF such an event could occur, and imagine if we survived that crisis, what kind of world we could be part of..?!

We are on the edge of wonders that most cannot imagine.  Not only health improvements that seem today impossible, but physical appearance that sounds like science fiction.  Imagine being in your 80’s and appearing 40 or 50?  Having the muscle tone of that age also?  Being able to have machines available to the common man that would rival Star Trek’s Tricorder and Replicator.  Those things are literally right around the corner!

The question is, who will lead us into this wondrous world?  What role will America play in that leadership?  Will the people of this nation bring the world with them into this new age?  Who can make this happen?

We Americans!  If we turn to what we were, place our faith back into God, and demonstrate character that the world wants to follow.  THEN, these wonders will happen and we, and our grandchildren, will benefit from that leadership.

As I’ve said before, PREPARE.  Now I say, begin by influencing as many as you can to take our nation back and lead the world…  like we used to. 





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