Horowitz on Rioting

During the riots in L.A. (90’s), I witnessed first hand what people are capable of when the law is totally ignored by the masses.  Like cockroaches, they come out in the dark to do their dirty little deeds.  But when the light is shown on them, they run for cover (darkness).

This behavior is all too often fanned by anarchists  and communists.  And who other than David Horowitz to know one when he sees one.  Read his take on the recent riots taking place.  As a one time communist, he knows the reality of this situation.


The Left’s War Against Justice and Peace


Our way of life is being destroyed right before our eyes.  America apparently does not see that our country is under assault from within.  If we are not already at the point of no return, we are extremely close.  The communists have developed a very good plan and have been executing it for decades — to their credit, they have been extremely successful.

Please pass these notifications to others with the hope that people wake up…   soon!  In the interim, PREPARE.





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