Abortion — A stark reality

This topic is decades old.  However most of us have no idea what an ‘abortion’ really is.  We think that a girl goes into a clinic and a doctor ‘magically’ makes a fetus just disappear!!?  Yes, a fetus.  No, we don’t call them a ‘child’.  That would be too hard to swallow — killing a kid!?

The following videos are presented for you to share with those who may not think that an abortion is really an ugly thing.  Once again, most people think that the ‘non-thing’ inside a woman is not a child and is removed cleanly.  Not true.

This first video is of a news crew watching the second video (below).  By their expressions you can tell that it has a dramatic affect on them.

TV Crew Reaction to Abortion


The link below is the video the TV crew was watching.


This is a VERY graphic video.  However, I really believe that any woman in this country should be required to view it before she can receive an abortion operation.  Here in Texas a woman is currently required to receive a sonogram and view it prior to her abortion operation.  Since that law has been implemented numerous woman have cancelled their operations.  I really think that this video would clear the decks and save thousands of lives per year if shown to pregnant women.  Yes lives.  If that isn’t clear after watching this brief film, you weren’t paying attention.

Created Equal

Please consider sharing this with others as it may impact them and help reduce the number of deaths as a result of abortion.  Over 70 million kids have been killed via abortion since we legalized it in this country alone!






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