A message from law enforcement

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cop on the street?  Do you think you would make a good cop?  First, watch the video in this link.  Then continue on reading this article and ask yourself if you would still have this attitude.

The following text was copied from a forum that I am registered with.  That text demonstrates the kind of people that serve and protect our communities.  Although a few lawless and deluded people would ask that police be killed, still our police maintain an attitude of service.

All of us have been shaken by the tragic news that two New York City police officers and a Tarpon Springs, Florida police officer were assassinated by gunmen this past weekend.  I know that each of you shares in the sadness and anger of these horrible incidents; our partners in New York and Florida could have been any of us. They were killed not because of who they were or anything they had done, but because of what they represent.  And I want to speak with you for a moment about that.

Each of us entered into law enforcement and took the oath because we wanted to help others — often people who cannot help themselves.  We knew it would be a dangerous and often thankless job. We knew what happened to Officers Liu, Ramos and Kondek could happen to us; we have seen it happen to our partners too many times before.  However hard we train, however strong our relationship with the community, we wear uniforms and drive marked cars.  The same presence that keeps our community feeling safe places us at constant risk, as you know all too well.  Yet we all pin on the badge each day just the same, without skipping a beat.

As we grieve for our partners in New York and Florida, I remind you to be ever-vigilant, use sound tactics, and back your partners. In spite of the risk and danger, the community rests peacefully because of your courage and dedication, and I thank you for that service.

That is the sort of people we have watching over us.  Are there any bad cops out there?  Yes.  What percentage are there that are proven to be bad police?  Less than 1%!!  Name another profession with that sort of record..?!

It is as the one time chief of police in Los Angeles once said, “We’re always going to have these problems as long as we have to keep hiring police from the human race.”


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