A Policeman

We are hearing a great deal about police lately.  The vast majority of that news is negative.  Police are brutal killers who have no regard for the public they serve.  They are a good example of a government entity with too much power.

I was prompted to write this article because of a statement made by Glenn Beck today.  He was discussing the man in New York who died as a result of an attempted arrest gone bad over cigarettes.  What bothered me is his view that the police should be prosecuted for manslaughter because of the suspect’s death.  My God, even Beck has his thinking twisted by this society!

The police that were on scene were not regular patrol (as indicated by their not wearing regular uniforms).  They were a special detail assigned to selective enforcement to get vendors off the streets.  Once they initiated the arrest and the suspect said he would not go (after 30+ previous arrests), he chose to fight the police.  Because of his fat ass being out of shape, he had a heart attack.

You must ask what the police should have done once the suspect indicated he would not cooperate.  Should they say, “Oh, excuse us.  We didn’t realize you didn’t want to go.  See ya later.”  The police have an obligation to arrest people who have broken (defied) the law.  If they did not act, how do you think the next criminal would react when faced with an arrest?

Now ask yourself, when was the last time you chose to ‘argue’ with a cop?  Did you ever think it was a good idea to fight a cop?  I doubt it.  So one should ask them self, what kind of person would act/react this way?  Plain and simply…  an idiot criminal.  Manslaughter hell, this is Darwinism plain and simple.

Now, back to reality.  This is just another everyday example of police today facing challenges that are far more frequent than those faced by our predecessors (e.g., me).  It used to be that the public admired police.  But today, sadly, they are not admired at all — even by the ‘good guys‘ in many cases.

To be a cop when I entered an academy, you had to be above average over others who applied — in order to enter and to graduate.  After months of training I was happy to be one of the 52 people who graduated the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department police academy.  To be one of those ‘few‘ people made me proud since our starting class was 156!!

To be accepted to the academy you must first take a written exam to determine your intelligence level.  Then you must take a series of written psychology exams (6-8 hrs).  If you get past that, you take a physical agility test — which is not easy!   Then, if you manage to get by those wickets, you must take an oral exam by short-cropped haircut veterans who ask really hard questions.  When all of the preliminary filtering is done, they do a background check on you back ’20 years’ where you must list every address you have lived at for that length of time!  And believe me, they check every one of the places you have lived and your neighbors and/or landlords.

If fate is with you and you aren’t excluded by minorities or women to keep up quotas, then you get to enter a six to eight month academy.  If you can make it through that, you’ve finished the ‘first phase’ of you filtering process.  Then you are put on field training for six months and you are watched under a microscope for any errors of evidence of bad judgement.  Only then are you put on probation for an additional year.

So what does the public get out of all this filtering?  A comparatively small community which has less than a 1% corruption rate.  How good is that you ask?  Let’s put it this way, pastors of churches do not have as good a record.

Watch the following brief video done by Paul Harvey.  He tells it like it is and what police have to face — daily.  Ask yourself if you believe you could prove to be an exceptional cop..?

Paul Harvey

Please, pass this on to those who think being a cop is easy…

Especially any criminal friends you might know.?!    🙂




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