Islam and The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Although some of the American public are aware that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) exists within the U.S., no one seems to question ‘why’?

Let’s face it, if for example, Ronald Reagan were currently president of the U.S., do you really believe we’d be seeing photo-ops with MB representatives behind him on TV?  No way!!

However, Obama embraces these people as consultants to him.!?  If he is the brilliant man that his followers say, would he not see through any un-American people behind him?  If actions speak louder than words, what does this tell us?  It should be clear, that he supports the radical Islamic group — the Muslim Brotherhood.

Although there isn’t an outcry for him to make the Whitehouse devoid of these people, much less their consulting, we now have Muslim countries telling us to get them out of our government!!

Please read the following article telling how multiple countries are warning us to change directions — before it is too late.

Egypt Warns of Muslim Brotherhood Organizations in U.S.


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