China’s Spying on the U.S. and Future Attacks

Here is yet one more example of how the ground work is being laid for attacks on American’s (and corporate) computers from outside the U.S.

IBM was in the personal computer (PC) manufacturing business until about 4-5 years ago.  Because of the poor financial return on that division within IBM, they sold the entire PC hardware division to Lenovo, a company based in China.  For the first three years, all Lenovo computers were to have ‘IBM‘ stamped on them to maintain their logo.  Afterwards, Lenovo could identify their future PCs with only their logo.

Of particular interest, IBM has since bought all company PCs from Lenovo.  Which, if you consider the report below, that implies that IBM stands to be the largest single ‘victim’ of this software gimmick.  What the average person needs to ask is, what other traps have been set for U.S. citizens and companies??

Lenovo and SuperFish






A.D. — The Movie

Another Christian movie is coming via Roma Downey and her husband.  It’s apparently a 12 part mini-series about Jesus Christ and his life just prior to his crucifixion.  Watching the trailer, it looks like it will be a do not miss event!  The trailer is below.

A.D. The Series




How One Kid Gets It

Today many kids in this country are totally clueless what is occurring in the world.  They have no idea who the vice president is, who the governor of their state is, etc.  But they are very familiar with many video games, ‘The Voice’, and other popular TV shows, singers and actors.

You may have heard about him, but I’ve included the video of the ’12 year old’ who created a YouTube video reading King Hussein the riot act regarding his ‘love for America’.  Now this kid is probably someone we will see again…   in a suit!  My guess is however that his associates in school probably consider him a geek!!?  Hey, more power to him.  One day he’ll be driving the neat car that the other losers wished they had.??

Do you really love America?

(And no, no one is coaching him.  He’s looking at his video camera to insure it is still working properly.  Watch at the very end when he reaches to shut it off.)



Our Educational System — Evidence to the Contrary

I just received an email from a friend of mine who works for a university.  Her job is to assist ‘students’ with their papers required for graduation.   They write up their ideas as best they can and them give them to her for review to check for accuracy — spelling, grammar, punctuation…   She reports that the vast majority of these documents are trash.  They have poor grammar, spelling errors, etc.

Now you may be thinking, “Well that’s what the poor kid is in college for, to learn to write and develop those and other skills.”  But the reality is that these people are all post graduate students!  They are handing her their master’s thesis and doctoral dissertations!  Ah, but wait, you haven’t heard the worst of it yet!!  Most of these students are working on these degrees so that they can become school superintendents or managerial people within the public education system!!  Now if that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

In brief, this is yet again another bit of evidence that tells me the ‘dumbing down of Americans’ is real.  If so, we should ask how we will survive in the future..?




Utopia the Liberal Way

The liberal mentality is a complicated one — often illogical and complicated.  Objective reasoning often doesn’t appear in their approach, more often a ‘feeling’ is involved.  They have a much different view of our society and how it should work also.  Everything should be given to everyone.  Hard work, responsibility, and good values (or character) are among those things that more often escape them.  It is what is ‘fair‘ that should dictate what we receive.  Who decides what is fair is obvious…  them!!

The following experiment depicts what can happen when ‘beings’ are given everything and want for nothing.  More often than not, if there are no problems, the occupants will create them.  We seem to want problems to deal with..?  You should find this article interesting — especially if you consider this being done in a human experiment.

Private Paradise to a Terrifying Dystopia

In case this isn’t familiar, this is the exact plan of the communists for this country.  How do you think that would work out for us.??







Airport Security and America

If someone loses their badge at your work, that isn’t an uncommon occurring event — it happens, but not regularly.  Your company security wouldn’t even make a major issue of it, but merely create a new badge and move on.

But what if it were determined that they had over 1400 people ‘lose their badge’?  Do you think that might raise someone’s attention?  Well, that is the case within our American airports!  Yes, 1400 missing airport badges which allow the possessor of said badge access to the ‘baggage area‘!!

Now imagine this — someone builds an EMP bomb and places it in a standard suitcase and later loads into the cargo compartment of an airliner that is headed over the area they want affected, say New York.  (A smaller EMP device can be built that size and weigh less than 100 lbs.)  All you need then is an altimeter and GPS device or timer to set it off at the appropriate altitude and location you want.  Do you think that would make someone’s day?

The following article tells of the badge losses and the TSA’s response (lack thereof) for information.

Airport Security




How to Fix the Black vs. White Issue

It’s existed for a long time.  First it was argued that blacks were being held back by the white man during the years of slavery.  Once slavery was outlawed in the U.S., then they were being held back by mere racism — the power whites vs. the poor blacks.  During MLK’s day we fought to right this problem once and for all — and did a pretty good job.  Now today, we’re back to almost where we were in the early 60’s..!?

If you want to know how this issue should be addressed, please read the following linked article from Hillsdale College.  The author (a black man) is rather candid and shares statistics that are hard to ignore.  It’s just a shame more Americans don’t take interest in this subject and then implement the ideas set forth.  A great start would be to evaluate a person by their character in lieu of their color.  It’s a great concept.