Terrorism in San Antonio

The following article is via channel 4 TV.  Jeffrey Addicott, of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University is a terrorism expert here locally.  Based on his observations, he is convinced that terrorist activity is growing in our area and the threat is real.  One can only hope that the local politicians would take some sort of positive action to address this problem now before a lot of people are killed..?

The Growing Threat in San Antonio

As an addendum to this article, I would like to report having attended a day long lecture on terrorism in San Antonio last week.  At that talk Jeff Addicott spoke as well as another professor at a university in New York, and an Israeli military major.  It turned out to be quite the experience.

Professor Addicott reported numerous terrorist incidents in the U.S. and how they have not been addressed as terrorist attacks.  I am sure that the numerous police agencies that were represented there were impressed, to say the least.

However, during lunch he had a guest speaker, a Muslim professor, who spoke on Islam.  In brief, I have never heard so much blatant lying and spinning in an hour talk.  Truly unbelievable!  As just one example, when asked how if Islam is the religion of peace, “why do they perform genital mutilations on women?”  His answer was stunning!!  “That has nothing to do with Islam.  That is a cultural thing.  Even Christians do it all over the world.”  He’s lucky he made it out of that place alive with so many guns present!!?!

The Israeli major was genuinely sincere and honest in his responses and a breath of fresh air after listening to the previous speaker.  One of the key points that he made was that the Jews in Israel are not afraid.  Their army knows they will win any conflict they are thrown into.  Why?  Because they have no alternative but to win!  If they lose they will ALL die!!

I have often wondered who makes up our rules of engagement for U.S. troops??  Crazy stuff!?  But I’m afraid the Israelis have our commanders beat.  If they find a home that is housing arms and they are going to bomb it, ‘they call first’!!!  Yes, they call the residents and tell them to all evacuate before they make a strike on the location.  I find it hard to believe the Jews still exist in Israel!?!  🙂






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