The Death Of The American Dream

Yes, more gloom.  But if you read these posts you know they are to inform, not make you feel good.  If you read my article on the media and how it is controlled, then you should question anything that you are told about our economy — it is unsustainable.

Although the story in the link below may seem hard to believe, the author includes a good number of graphs supplied by our federal government which tell a shocking truth — we’re in trouble.

I don’t write this article to scare people, but to warn them — prepare.  How do I prepare you ask?  I have a handful of suggestions.

  1.  Get out of debt — all debt.
  2.  Establish cash saving in your bank.
  3.  Stash some cash outside of the bank (not a savings box).
  4.  Have at least 30 days of food available to you at all times.
  5.  Build up a cadre of friends to establish a support team.

End Of The American Dream

Key information worth noting:

Unemployed works in America

People not in the workforce

Wage Statistics for 2012

And now today, because of world disorder, we are potentially facing an even worse scenario — world war.  No way you say?  Stay tuned for future reports on the world situation — preferably here and not MSNBC.



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