The Media in America

Years ago when I was a kid (a lonnnggg time ago), I used to read about the Russians and the things that their people believed about America.  (e.g., Americans eat their young!)  Now today we, the free American public, are being fed garbage that is often just as hard to believe.  (e.g., Radical Islamic terrorists aren’t the problem, it is either ‘lone wolves’ or random violence.)  Every topic seems to be spun to make us believe we are bad, our economy is good, and that the world hates us — for good reason.

One should ask, “Why does this situation exist?”  Primarily, I believe, because our country is being ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a new society.  A society that is weak, segregated and divided (every way possible), without a positive vision, and one where the people of this country have little or no hope for the future.

I recently received an email explaining one possible reason why the media appears so controlled.  At this point one should ask “what ‘is’ the media'”?  Apparently what we believe is strongly connected with what we are ‘told’.  We are ‘fed’ information primarily through the media.  Who are ‘they’?

Today the media is controlled by a handful of companies.  Those companies I have to believe are influenced greatly by our federal government.  If true, then it is reasonable to believe that what we hear to a large extent is ‘propaganda’ — a lot like what the Russians heard during the cold war.

Although what I propose here sounds unlikely, I have included a few links below that spell out who ‘they’ are and how likely the scenario I propose is to exist.  Please just take a minute to glance at these links.  I believe you will be surprised to read what they say…?

After reading these articles ask yourself, “If the loss of such ‘media’ as this blog were gone, would I have any idea of what was really going on in this country?”  FLASH!!  The FCC is going to decide if the entire internet will be controlled by the federal government within days — i.e. this week!!  You had best cross your fingers and hope it is not, because you would then be totally in the dark!!

Six Corporations Control 90% Of The Media — Business Insider

History of Media Control in the U.S. — Media Reform Center

Media Ownership — Wikipedia

Media cross-ownership — Wikipedia

I would love to hear from any of you who lives outside of America who have experience with this sort of problem currently or in the past.  I really don’t believe that the average American can conceive of such behavior existing in this country.  Please feel free to use the comment link on this page.


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