Eating the 2nd Amendment — One Bite at a Time

For years now the left has taken it upon themselves to rid America of the 2nd Amendment.  They have argued repeatedly that ‘we’ are a danger to others and must be ‘controlled’!  If we continue on this road, we in this country will be in dire danger.  The 2nd amendment is one of the only things between us and tyranny.

The current threat is to rid the market place of ‘cop killer ammunition’ — specifically they refer to ‘armor piercing bullets’.  What are these dangerous things?  They define them as bullets that will penetrate a policeman’s Kevlar vest.

Well folks, I’ve got a flash for you!!  ANY bullet coming out of a rifle that exceeds a .22 rimfire bullet will penetrate a cop’s vest!!  And this is not new.  It has been the case for decades!  So why are they talking about armor piercing bullets now you ask?  Because they are eroding away our 2nd amendment right, chip by chip.  Allow me to explain.

Point #1:  Most rifle bullets have larger than normal cartridges (casings) which hold more gun powder than the typical handgun.  Consequently they have more than enough power to propel a bullet fast enough to penetrate a vest.

Point #2:  Armor piercing bullets are defined as those with steel internals within the bullet’s (projectile’s) design.  In the past, this style of bullet was used within the military to address troops with exceptional protective armor.

Point #3:  California has recently passed a law that will outlaw bullets containing lead.  (They’re concerned about the poor birds eating spent bullets lying on the ground and then dying of lead poisoning.  Awww.)  But, if you outlaw lead, what do you make the bullets out of?  Uh, steel?  Oops!!  Your bad, that’s armor piercing by the BATF definition.

Point #4:  The BATF proposed law will only apply to handguns.  Whew!!  You thought your .223 or 5.56 ammo was in danger!!?  It is used in the AR15 rifle style weapons.  Hence, no problem.  Right?  Wrong!!  Some manufacturers have AR15 ‘pistols’ — aka handguns.  Are they concealable?  Well, yeah if you’re wearing a trench coat.

So what is your point in this article, you ask?  The feds are using what ever means possible to eliminate guns in the hands of their American citizens.  The .223 ammo is used in the AR15 and it is the best seller currently in the U.S. as self protection.  If the public has such weapons, they can fend off a fascist state with some hope of winning.  Without it or other weapons like it, we are slaves to those with the most weapons and ammunition.  Who would that be?  The U.S. federal government.  The same government that has purchased two billion rounds of this same ammunition in recent years.  (Enough ammunition to kill ever person in this country several times.)

Read this article describing what I’ve told you and ask yourself ‘why’ would they do this?  The public should be fearful…   very fearful.

BATF Proposal for Declaring Certain Ammunition Illegal


You can write to the feds and register your opposition.  This article describes how, etc.

Stop the .223/5.56 (M855) Ammunition Ban




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