The American Dream — Part II

In response to my original article ‘The Death of the American Dream‘, a friend of mine sent me another article which spells out how screwed up (excuse the colloquialism) our federal government is with respect to managing their (our) finances.

The following U.S. federal government website (GAO) page reports that the accounting practices of the feds is totally screwed up.  To the extent which the GAO can’t even figure out what the heck is going on!!  Which leads to the question:  Where the hell are we and where are we going?  In brief, to hell in a hand basket!!  FAST!!

Please read this report from the GAO.  It is very brief and gives insight to our situation.

Fiscal Years 2013 and 2012 Consolidated Financial Statements

Once again, my suggestion is to PREPARE.  To be prepared for something that never happens may be a waste (ignoring peace of mind).  To be unprepared for that same thing may be your demise.  Insurance is typically cheap compared to the alternative…





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