Airport Security and America

If someone loses their badge at your work, that isn’t an uncommon occurring event — it happens, but not regularly.  Your company security wouldn’t even make a major issue of it, but merely create a new badge and move on.

But what if it were determined that they had over 1400 people ‘lose their badge’?  Do you think that might raise someone’s attention?  Well, that is the case within our American airports!  Yes, 1400 missing airport badges which allow the possessor of said badge access to the ‘baggage area‘!!

Now imagine this — someone builds an EMP bomb and places it in a standard suitcase and later loads into the cargo compartment of an airliner that is headed over the area they want affected, say New York.  (A smaller EMP device can be built that size and weigh less than 100 lbs.)  All you need then is an altimeter and GPS device or timer to set it off at the appropriate altitude and location you want.  Do you think that would make someone’s day?

The following article tells of the badge losses and the TSA’s response (lack thereof) for information.

Airport Security





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