How One Kid Gets It

Today many kids in this country are totally clueless what is occurring in the world.  They have no idea who the vice president is, who the governor of their state is, etc.  But they are very familiar with many video games, ‘The Voice’, and other popular TV shows, singers and actors.

You may have heard about him, but I’ve included the video of the ’12 year old’ who created a YouTube video reading King Hussein the riot act regarding his ‘love for America’.  Now this kid is probably someone we will see again…   in a suit!  My guess is however that his associates in school probably consider him a geek!!?  Hey, more power to him.  One day he’ll be driving the neat car that the other losers wished they had.??

Do you really love America?

(And no, no one is coaching him.  He’s looking at his video camera to insure it is still working properly.  Watch at the very end when he reaches to shut it off.)




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