How to Fix the Black vs. White Issue

It’s existed for a long time.  First it was argued that blacks were being held back by the white man during the years of slavery.  Once slavery was outlawed in the U.S., then they were being held back by mere racism — the power whites vs. the poor blacks.  During MLK’s day we fought to right this problem once and for all — and did a pretty good job.  Now today, we’re back to almost where we were in the early 60’s..!?

If you want to know how this issue should be addressed, please read the following linked article from Hillsdale College.  The author (a black man) is rather candid and shares statistics that are hard to ignore.  It’s just a shame more Americans don’t take interest in this subject and then implement the ideas set forth.  A great start would be to evaluate a person by their character in lieu of their color.  It’s a great concept.


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