Utopia the Liberal Way

The liberal mentality is a complicated one — often illogical and complicated.  Objective reasoning often doesn’t appear in their approach, more often a ‘feeling’ is involved.  They have a much different view of our society and how it should work also.  Everything should be given to everyone.  Hard work, responsibility, and good values (or character) are among those things that more often escape them.  It is what is ‘fair‘ that should dictate what we receive.  Who decides what is fair is obvious…  them!!

The following experiment depicts what can happen when ‘beings’ are given everything and want for nothing.  More often than not, if there are no problems, the occupants will create them.  We seem to want problems to deal with..?  You should find this article interesting — especially if you consider this being done in a human experiment.

Private Paradise to a Terrifying Dystopia

In case this isn’t familiar, this is the exact plan of the communists for this country.  How do you think that would work out for us.??








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