China’s Spying on the U.S. and Future Attacks

Here is yet one more example of how the ground work is being laid for attacks on American’s (and corporate) computers from outside the U.S.

IBM was in the personal computer (PC) manufacturing business until about 4-5 years ago.  Because of the poor financial return on that division within IBM, they sold the entire PC hardware division to Lenovo, a company based in China.  For the first three years, all Lenovo computers were to have ‘IBM‘ stamped on them to maintain their logo.  Afterwards, Lenovo could identify their future PCs with only their logo.

Of particular interest, IBM has since bought all company PCs from Lenovo.  Which, if you consider the report below, that implies that IBM stands to be the largest single ‘victim’ of this software gimmick.  What the average person needs to ask is, what other traps have been set for U.S. citizens and companies??

Lenovo and SuperFish






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