The Coming Iranian Bomb

We keep hearing that Iran is getting closer to ‘the bomb’.  But what we don’t know is how close?  If you read the following article, they make it somewhat clear on how close.  Too close for me.  Why?  Because the two key targets for them to destroy are Israel and America — and not necessarily in that order!  It stands to reason in my mind that neutralizing the U.S. first would help assure an easy victory over Israel.  Although taking on the U.S. sounds ridiculous at first glance, technology makes it possible for anyone ambitious enough.

Having someone in the position of secretary of state such as John Kerry given our current situation, is a scary proposition.  To be cutting our military at a time like this, is suicidal.

Iran’s Nuclear Status




Nationalized Police Forces

Over the last six years I have watched this country regress decades  with respect to ‘race relations’.  Not because the people of this country have become racists, but because our ‘administration’ has been a true believer in ‘divide and conquer’.  The Marxist in the Whitehouse has managed to divide this country every way possible.  With his goal being the ‘fundamental transformation of America’.

As a result, the tensions in this country have been getting progressively worse — possibly leading to significant civil unrest.  When unrest occurs we always look to our local law enforcement to address the problem in a professional and fair manner.  Now just imagine the federal government being the primary source creating all of this stomach acid, and then the government organization that created the problem was the one to address the problem..?

What we do NOT need is a ‘national police force’!!  Sounds ridiculous?  It’s not too far away in our future.

Please read the following article and then view the new government page (.gov) below it talking about the new program that will fix our local police ‘problem’.

Nationalized Police Forces

Trust and Justice

If you’re not worried, you should be!!  Ever heard of a group called the ‘brown shirts’.?? 

America The Gun Capital

We are constantly bombarded with news about horrific crimes and shootings that are caused by American citizens owning guns.  Ha!  Right.  Maybe we should look at this a little differently.  Where are these crimes occurring and by who?

The following video by Bill Whittle presents the ‘numbers’ which depict a much different view than the democrat gun controlling bureaucrats.  You’ll find that although we are the top gun owning nation in the world, we are NOT the murder capital…  by far.

Facts and Statistics




The Nazis vs. Muslims — A Comparison

I attended an all day lecture on Islam yesterday which was extremely enlightening, interesting, and scary!  There were two speakers, on a retired FBI agent and the other a CIA agent.  Believe me when I say, the American public really has no idea how serious the Muslim Jihad issue is to us.  Most think it’s just a European issue or just in the middle east.  But in actuality, we are deeply involved…  very deep.

I will post later on that lecture, but in the interim, please take just two minutes to watch this parallel video.  It shows the darkness of what is coming to America.

Adolf Hitler vs. Osama Bin Laden

The above link is posted on my Facebook page.  It should be at the top.  But if not, merely search for the above title to view the video.



Understanding ISIS — by Professor Bernard K Freamon

The following video was taken during an all day briefing I attended in San Antonio.  Among the speakers, Jeff Addicott as the host who is an attorney and expert on Islam (and terrorism).  The second speaker is the Muslim referred below.  The last speaker was an extremely interesting Major in the IDF who explained their position and ‘rules of engagement’.  (Which are worse than ours!!  They give warnings!)

If you’ve ever questioned the Muslim belief, lying is alright if you are speaking to win over the ‘kafir’ (non-believer), please watch this video.  Then consider that this is what you are facing here in America…  now!

A Lecture on Islam — How Wonderful it is!

If you want the extremely abbreviated version to get the idea, click on this link to view his final comments.  If that doesn’t shock you, you apparently fell asleep..!?



Clinton’s Email — It gets even worse!

Everyone has heard about Hillary’s private email story.  I can see a congressman, for example, using a private email address to converse with constituents (avoiding getting spam at a government address).  However, to communicate with high ranking government officials using private email is an obvious security risk.  But wait, it gets worse!!

Using a service that has had blatant security breaches is crazy — even for Hillary.  The following article spells out the details of her service and its history of attacks — and its location being in the Virgin Islands!!  Now that is nuts!

Hillary’s Questionable Email Service






America’s Administration

When our country was first founded, our forefathers were very well read men.  Due to their level of education and enlightenment, they were able as a group to create the world’s greatest constitution — which has lasted longer than any other in world history.  (If you listen to the America haters, they will tell you that our founders were all deists and slave owners of low character.)

As a consequence of having such august leadership during our founding days, we were able as a nation to create an unparalleled country.  Today however, we have ‘progressed’ into a new age — that of a country with a kakistocracy for leadership.

For the last 100 years we have had ‘temporary’ progressive leadership from time to time which has led us to where we are today.  Progressive thinking has developed a nation of eroding morals and decaying character — often influenced by communists within the U.S.  During the Clinton reign in the Whitehouse, we were told that ‘character doesn’t matter in the presidency‘.

So here we are…  with a president that lies whenever his lips are moving.  A congress that promises their constituency anything they believe will get them re-elected, and then knife them in the back as soon as they are in office again.

If you clicked on the word kakistocracy and read its definition, you’ll find we are there!   Very sad in deed..   ;-(