Muslim Terrorism and American Colleges

I am currently working on a lecture to help people understand one of their current enemies — ‘radical Islam’.  No, I didn’t say all Muslims are our problem, just those who say they want us all dead!  My view is, if they say it, they probably mean it..!?

As much as I’d like to educate younger people, they are very guarded by the left and the institutions they are in currently.  Trying to gain access to ‘kids’ as an alternative voice is near impossible in today’s society.  Consequently our kids are being thought not how to think, but WHAT to think!

‘Harsh words’, you say.  Not really, given the proof of their behavior on college campuses.  The video included below demonstrates that there isn’t one bad university, but radical behavior is occurring on numerous campuses across the U.S.  And the target is once again the Jews.  Antisemitism is on the rise — right under our noses, here in the U.S., by our own children.  To think your kids would be thinking like Nazis is hard to believe, but here we are…  again.

If you have a fear of terrorists coming to our country and performing atrocities in our cities, then ask yourself how you’ll feel about your own kids performing those same acts in the future.  If the crazy Muslim world can capture your ‘educated’ kids today, just imagine what they can do with them tomorrow.?!

Please at least watch a few minutes of this professionally done video depicting hate speech at numerous campuses across the U.S.  (My guess is you’ll watch more than you expect at first.)  If after watching the video you believe this is a major problem, please pass the link for this blog post on to others.

The New Face of Antisemitism on Campuses

(While watching this video, just think about the recent post on this blog describing post-graduate students and their level of education.  Ask yourself if they could possibly be one of these people.)

As stated before, we ARE at war — the bullets just haven’t started flying yet.  But given this behavior goes unchecked, we will be looking at things inside this country that you would never have dreamed of in the recent past.








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