America’s Administration

When our country was first founded, our forefathers were very well read men.  Due to their level of education and enlightenment, they were able as a group to create the world’s greatest constitution — which has lasted longer than any other in world history.  (If you listen to the America haters, they will tell you that our founders were all deists and slave owners of low character.)

As a consequence of having such august leadership during our founding days, we were able as a nation to create an unparalleled country.  Today however, we have ‘progressed’ into a new age — that of a country with a kakistocracy for leadership.

For the last 100 years we have had ‘temporary’ progressive leadership from time to time which has led us to where we are today.  Progressive thinking has developed a nation of eroding morals and decaying character — often influenced by communists within the U.S.  During the Clinton reign in the Whitehouse, we were told that ‘character doesn’t matter in the presidency‘.

So here we are…  with a president that lies whenever his lips are moving.  A congress that promises their constituency anything they believe will get them re-elected, and then knife them in the back as soon as they are in office again.

If you clicked on the word kakistocracy and read its definition, you’ll find we are there!   Very sad in deed..   ;-(

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