Understanding ISIS — by Professor Bernard K Freamon

The following video was taken during an all day briefing I attended in San Antonio.  Among the speakers, Jeff Addicott as the host who is an attorney and expert on Islam (and terrorism).  The second speaker is the Muslim referred below.  The last speaker was an extremely interesting Major in the IDF who explained their position and ‘rules of engagement’.  (Which are worse than ours!!  They give warnings!)

If you’ve ever questioned the Muslim belief, lying is alright if you are speaking to win over the ‘kafir’ (non-believer), please watch this video.  Then consider that this is what you are facing here in America…  now!

A Lecture on Islam — How Wonderful it is!

If you want the extremely abbreviated version to get the idea, click on this link to view his final comments.  If that doesn’t shock you, you apparently fell asleep..!?




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