Nationalized Police Forces

Over the last six years I have watched this country regress decades  with respect to ‘race relations’.  Not because the people of this country have become racists, but because our ‘administration’ has been a true believer in ‘divide and conquer’.  The Marxist in the Whitehouse has managed to divide this country every way possible.  With his goal being the ‘fundamental transformation of America’.

As a result, the tensions in this country have been getting progressively worse — possibly leading to significant civil unrest.  When unrest occurs we always look to our local law enforcement to address the problem in a professional and fair manner.  Now just imagine the federal government being the primary source creating all of this stomach acid, and then the government organization that created the problem was the one to address the problem..?

What we do NOT need is a ‘national police force’!!  Sounds ridiculous?  It’s not too far away in our future.

Please read the following article and then view the new government page (.gov) below it talking about the new program that will fix our local police ‘problem’.

Nationalized Police Forces

Trust and Justice

If you’re not worried, you should be!!  Ever heard of a group called the ‘brown shirts’.?? 


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