Our ‘Modern’ Army..?

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty tired of excuses such as “This is an exception.  They’re a ‘lone wolf’ “.  BS  We in America are fighting an evil that will destroy us — soon if we don’t pull our heads out!?!

And to what are you eluding to you ask?

Not just the terrorists here in the U.S. are committing acts of terror or crimes, but some of those in our military are (to me) actively pursuing an agenda with the intent to bring down America.  Not only are (high profile) people stirring up the mop (civilians) so to speak, but there is a contingent within our military doing the same thing.  And I personally believe with the same end goal in mind.

Why is it that priests (chaplains) are being ‘controlled’ within our military?  What happened to the 1st amendment?  I thought we got over the racist crap of the 50’s..?  What do you think is causing this ‘division’ within the U.S.?  The entire American public has gone nuts?  I doubt it.  There is a destructive force within this country that will take it done if we persist in our inaction.

Please read the following article on lectures being given to our troops on how being ‘white’ is not right.  Ask yourself if this is truly an oddity or planned by ‘someone’..?

‘White Privilege’ Presentation





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