The Next Time You Vote

Isn’t it ironic that they named our new federal health insurance program ‘The Affordable Care Act‘ (ACA).  As usual, people in our federal government are either illiterate or dishonest..?  Since ObamaCare has been passed I have heard story after story from people I know telling how they are being raped with insurance premiums after having their once great insurance program ripped out from under them and being forced onto ACA!  Now it would seem that the ACA will cost us …  dearly!

Take into consideration the following webpage when you vote — or DON’T vote.!!?  If you think we’re in control of this country …  we are NOT.  Why?  Because too many people DON’T vote!  And many of those who do don’t spend ten minutes figuring out who’s who in the zoo and who not to vote for.  As a consequence we end up with socialists and communists leading our country.  (Like 100 in both houses.)

The following webpage depicts the real numbers regarding our taxes.  (Click on the graphs at the bottom.)  And yes, that means you too — regardless of your income.  What’s my point?  If you think we’ve had a bad economy during the last few years, just wait until these taxes kick in.  They will not help!

Higher Taxes Do Not Equal Higher Government Revenue



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