Why Is China Building Artificial Islands?

I have been telling people for some time now that ‘some day’, China will be a part of the 21st century ‘big bang’.  i.e., WWIII

If you consider their buildup of military weapons, one must ask, “Why would China take such action when there is no perceivable threat to them currently?”  The answer?  World superiority and world domination.  Will they one day rule the world?  I doubt it, but do I expect them to try?  Yes!!

With the little that I know, there are three things that China is doing of significance that are a threat to their neighbors and the world at large.

  1. They are building up ‘new’ islands along their coastline hundreds of miles out to sea — way beyond the international waters line (12 miles).
  2. They are currently building up their weapons of war faster than Germany or Japan before the second world war.
  3. Their primary military pursuit is the ability to destroy our satellites in outer space — very far out (18,000 kilometers+).

You might ask why would they do these things?  Because they want as many of the ‘marbles’ as possible when the dust settles.  Marbles?  Yes, oil and other natural resources.  They want islands (theirs) to build air bases on so that they may respond to anywhere in the Pacific area — quickly!  With that threat looming, neighbors will be less motivated to ‘step up’ against them when they claim property.

Of significant concern to me is their space program.  If they are capable of knocking out our satellites, they ‘blind their enemy’ — that would be US!  If they accomplish that, then we are in deep trouble.  Our early warning systems will be of little help.

Please read the following article on the above subject.  It is the latest in a long train of evidence that China is not sitting waiting for anyone to hand them anything.

Why Is China Building Artificial Islands?



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