War on Texas’ Voter ID Law

Every ‘American‘ can vote without restriction.  Polling places are close by, with easy access, are secure, and offer a quick process.  Here in Texas we require a valid government supplied ID card, e.g., drivers license, etc.  Consequently any ‘legal’ citizen can vote freely.

However, the federal government continues to challenge Texas on their requirement that all voters must present ID.  Why?  Because the end goal of the feds is to control the people of this state (country).  Their plan on how to do this is to get enough voters to go along with their objective — total control of the American public.  For what reason?  Power.  The few (elitists) wish to manage the masses.  Hence those few have the majority of the wealth.

The following article tells of the crazy fight with the feds over our ID law for voting.  Hopefully because they really don’t have a case, we will win and maintain control of our state.  With the growing number of illegals in Texas, this decision could be the difference between Texas being red or blue.  Very scary indeed.

War on Texas



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