Muslim Refugee Resettlement — Texas

As if it isn’t bad enough we here in Texas are getting hit harder than any other state in the U.S. with ‘illegals’, now we have to worry about terrorists — or at least people who hate us.

The following video demonstrates how thousands of ‘refugees’ are being resettled into obscure locations around the U.S.  Why in such unpopular places?  Probably because they won’t be in the mainstream view of the public.  It is as if you wanted to overtake someones yard with weeds.  You wouldn’t start at their back door — that would be too obvious.  Nor in the middle of the yard.  But a better approach would be to start in a remote corner where the weeds could take hold and then spread from there once they are well rooted in the initial area.  This would make clearing the area much harder.

Refugee Resettlement

(Take special note of the graph about two mins. into the video.  If you live in Texas, this may be disturbing.)

If this sort of information doesn’t give you the willies about our future, you may be part of the problem!!  Imagine your grandkids trying to deal with a rapidly growing population within America that wanted to kill all ‘non-believers’..?!



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