Lucifer — The TV Show

Think you’re living in the end times?  Well, the evidence is getting quite overwhelming — to me at least.

In recent years we’ve had a new onslaught of ‘hero movies’ — Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, and many others.  We can look at this phenomena and just assume that people like entertaining movies.  Or, we can ask ‘why’ are they popular.

I have two theories:  1)  People see an overwhelming world of evil around them with the bad guys getting away with murder and were ‘solutions’ are not obvious, but super-heroes can solve any problem — in an hour or less.  and 2)  We the powerless like to envision ourselves as those heroes with superhuman powers!  You pick which works for you.

Ah, but now we have a new superhero on the horizon!!  It’s ‘Lucifer’ to the rescue!!  Yes, the devil, the evil one, Satan, the bad guy!  As hard as it may be to believe, the ‘Fox channel’ is bringing out a new series on TV entitled ‘Lucifer’!!  Yes, the conservative, right-wing, religious oriented network!!?  Don’t believe me?  Watch this trailer!!!  Then ask yourself, who is trying to sell who what bill of goods?!  What I see is the message is clear and all around us — Good is bad, and Bad is good.  Don’t think so?  Then why are Christians bad and ‘other religions’ good?  Ever hear of Christians being taught to hate?  Kill?  No?  Then why are they being murdered by the hundreds?

Evil is alive in this world and growing.  All it takes for it to survive is for good people to do nothing…  that includes YOU.



Cell Phone Use and Your Health

We all own a cell phone and use them often.  The question is, do they harm us?  Let me share with you some education I received while studying for my ham radio licensing test. Please take just a few moments to get the basics.  You will see why your cell phone may be causing you serious physical problems and you not even knowing it…   yet.  I’ll try to be brief.

All radios do two things, send and receive signals.  Sending of signals is via radio waves out the antenna.  Receiving those signals is via an antenna and electronics converting those radio frequency (RF) signals to an audio signal (sound).  Ham radios are typically made in two forms:  mobile units and handheld devices (‘walkie talkies’).  The mobile units are higher powered transmission devices ranging from 150mhz to 1.2Ghz and 5 watts to 40+ watts.  Handheld ham radios use the same frequencies, but their power is 1-5 watts.

So how would these radios hurt us and what do ‘radio signals’ have to do with YOU?  The answer is, they can damage human cells!!  How you ask?  Via the transmitting of signals, not receiving them.  Whereas a mobile radio (one in a car) has the antenna several feet from you, handhelds have the radio possibly 1″ to 0″ from your head!!  This can be a problem depending on two things — the frequency being used and the power of transmission.  A lower frequency transmission with high power can hurt humans, and a higher frequency transmission with a low power can also.

So how does this relate to cell phones?  Cell phones are typically in the gigahertz range, but lower power.  The way they can hurt you is by ‘cooking your brain’.  How’s that you ask?  Because they are mini-microwave ovens!!  Microwave ovens use radio waves to cook food.  Your cell phone when transmitting is sending out those microwaves (high frequency RF) into your head!  Depending on how often you use your phone and for how long, it can be impacting your brain!  If you keep your phone in your pocket and use a Bluetooth device to hear and speak, the phone can be sending those waves into your groin area.  (I’ll leave that topic to your imagination.)

So how do I avoid physical problems when using my cell phone?  Keep it away from your body.  Use the external speaker feature or a Bluetooth headset device.  The Bluetooth devices are designed to only travel a few feet, therefore the power rating is very low.  Your cell phone has to hit a tower miles away!!  Imagine the difference in power between the two!!?

I ran across the following article and wanted to share it with you to show that cell phones have not been proven entirely safe.  Over several years they can impact our health and possibly our life span.  Please read the following.

Cell Phone Radiation Could be Changing Your Brain

Maybe that long conversation isn’t that important after all??


Texas vs. California

Having just returned from the PRC (the People’s Republic of California), I am so happy to be back home!  Driving their freeways is a very scary proposition if you aren’t an ex-fighter pilot.  Doing 85-90 on a crowded freeway is not my idea of fun — especially at night!  My guess is it’s probably safer to fly a jet than to drive on the 405 freeway!!?

Living in Texas however is an ‘experience’, not just a place.  To live here is not just having ‘stuff’ around you, but people who care about others.  Unlike in California, we here in Texas value more: others in our community, the freedoms we have, the conservative views we hold dear, our church family, and the opportunities that are becoming less available in other states.  (Which is probably why our population is going up!!?)

The following graphic probably doesn’t represent California.?!  My guess is, Lincoln had a community more like that of Texas in mind!!



How To Respond To The Media

All too often the media ask those on the right loaded questions with obvious agendas.  When the interviewee fails to respond the way the way the interviewer wants (loaded questions), they hit the person with yet another shot at the same thing.

In the following interview of Ted Cruz, an MSNBC news person(?) does his best to trip up Ted.  Listen to the brief interview below and see how a true professional responds to someone with a set agenda.

Ted Cruz Gay Interview


When it’s time to vote, consider this level of quick intelligence and ask yourself if this is the sort of person you want handling today’s problems in the Whitehouse.!!?

Texas — The Worst State in the Union?

And people think I’m nuts living here in Texas.!?!  At least here in most of Texas kids go to school ‘to learn’ and stay out of trouble — unlike Baltimore.  We here in Texas believe that order is to be maintained regularly!  Being a predominantly conservative state (unlike Baltimore), we tend to have few problems of significance.

The ‘dumbing down of America’ is real.  Don’t believe it?  Watch the ‘brilliant urbanites in Baltimore how they take advantage of any opportunity to loot and destroy property in this video.

I’ll stay here where it’s safe(er).  Today there’s nowhere safe that I’m aware of — not even the Whitehouse grounds!!  🙂


Trumpets of Revelations?

In numerous places throughout the bible it refers to trumpets being used to call the people of God together, to fight an enemy — and other significant events.  I have found as I get older, the more and more things in the bible are starting to make sense — to my dismay.  Understanding things that sound impossible (to the secular person) can be a very scary proposition.

So you might ask, “What are you talking about?”  I am referring to the numerous trumpet sounds in the sky all over the worldrecently, not centuries ago.  What’s the big deal you ask?  To me at least, they are an ominous sound and do not bode well.  Given the current status of the world, they should concern the hell out of everyone!

To hear the sounds to which I refer, watch this brief video with examples all over the world!  If they don’t bother you, maybe you should read the bible — Revelation 9.  Of greatest significance are the references to the trumpets during the ‘end times’.  Not that there has been anything happening lately pointing to persecution in world events or other indicators of the ‘end of age’ listed in the bible.

Let me just sum this up for you.  If you claim to be a Christian, you’d best prepare.  If your an atheist, maybe you should rethink your position..?  Hey, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.!?


Evidence of Constitutional Shredding

The U.S. constitution is one of the few things that makes our country great.  However, because we don’t value it, we are losing it … rapidly and continuously.  Honest citizens of this country are having their property seized by local jurisdiction police as well as the feds.  What is scary is the fact that no charges are filed or any arrests made before their property is taken.

The following is just one of the latest examples of this rouge action being taken with a happy ending — which is not the rule.  Although you may think this is of no consequence to you, you just may not be aware of the ‘law that you are breaking’..?  (It was just reported on the Glenn Beck show that the average citizens breaks ‘3’ felonies per day — whether they know it or not!)

Read the following article and learn how easy it is to be caught up in the net of the government and have significant property seized without explanation.!!  Another recent example of this over-reaching action is about a hotel owner who just got his hotel back after a year of legal battling with the police.  However no one is going to reimburse him for the $50,000 in legal fees to win!!?

Convenience Store Owner