ObamaCare Imact — On Economy and Companies

Everyone knows that ObamaCare has been implemented, right?  Well, not quite.  Our ‘leader’ sold us on the idea it was to be totally implemented by 2014.  But, on second thought, his administration determined that if it was totally implemented now it would negatively impact the U.S. economy and cause things to be ugly on his watch.  Consequently he postponed full implementation until 2017 — after he is gone.  (Let Hillary handle it!!?)  🙂

Well, starting this year the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is starting to really take effect.  Toward the end of 2016 it will kick in completely.  Then wait and see what happens..?  My point?  We should be preparing for hard economic times in the immediate future.  If you’re not saving now, get to it.  My estimation is that corporate America will be dropping employees faster than during the previous two years.  Already the economy is slowing, but I believe it will really start to stall around the end of this year.  But hey, that’s just my guess.

The following is an article with real case evidence demonstrating how the ACA is impacting our economy now.  Put this together with my previous article on companies shutting down stores, and it is an indicator of things to come.

ACA Impact — Now!



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