The Enemy From the East

For a long time I’ve been told by fellow Americans that China is not a threat, that Russia and China are not our enemies and that they should not be feared.  Although I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions the actions by these two powerful countries as ominous, people still refuse to believe they are a threat.

The following are two articles worth reading that currently demonstrate why I believe we will face these two in the future.  People must ask themselves why would China be building up their war machine to this extent!?  If Russia is not a threat, why would they be committing such bizarre acts as flying over our airspace or sending submarines into friendly countries’ waters?

This first article explains how China is in the process of building 42,000 drones!  One might ask their self, “Why would China need 42,000 drones?  Isn’t that a bit extreme?  Who do they plan on using them against?  Zimbabwe?”

China Preparing for Drone Warfare

The following article describes the many facets of Russia and China’s relationship and how it can impact the world — especially America!  Although a little longer than articles I typically post, it is a composite of several points or issues facing the world and the ultimate threat to all of us.  Worthwhile reading.

The Russia-China Axis Is Here

I certainly hope for all our sakes that the people of this country (especially our leadership) wake up and accept that we can fall — very much like England in recent history.  So much for the world’s greatest naval power..!?



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