Evidence of Constitutional Shredding

The U.S. constitution is one of the few things that makes our country great.  However, because we don’t value it, we are losing it … rapidly and continuously.  Honest citizens of this country are having their property seized by local jurisdiction police as well as the feds.  What is scary is the fact that no charges are filed or any arrests made before their property is taken.

The following is just one of the latest examples of this rouge action being taken with a happy ending — which is not the rule.  Although you may think this is of no consequence to you, you just may not be aware of the ‘law that you are breaking’..?  (It was just reported on the Glenn Beck show that the average citizens breaks ‘3’ felonies per day — whether they know it or not!)

Read the following article and learn how easy it is to be caught up in the net of the government and have significant property seized without explanation.!!  Another recent example of this over-reaching action is about a hotel owner who just got his hotel back after a year of legal battling with the police.  However no one is going to reimburse him for the $50,000 in legal fees to win!!?

Convenience Store Owner





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