Trumpets of Revelations?

In numerous places throughout the bible it refers to trumpets being used to call the people of God together, to fight an enemy — and other significant events.  I have found as I get older, the more and more things in the bible are starting to make sense — to my dismay.  Understanding things that sound impossible (to the secular person) can be a very scary proposition.

So you might ask, “What are you talking about?”  I am referring to the numerous trumpet sounds in the sky all over the worldrecently, not centuries ago.  What’s the big deal you ask?  To me at least, they are an ominous sound and do not bode well.  Given the current status of the world, they should concern the hell out of everyone!

To hear the sounds to which I refer, watch this brief video with examples all over the world!  If they don’t bother you, maybe you should read the bible — Revelation 9.  Of greatest significance are the references to the trumpets during the ‘end times’.  Not that there has been anything happening lately pointing to persecution in world events or other indicators of the ‘end of age’ listed in the bible.

Let me just sum this up for you.  If you claim to be a Christian, you’d best prepare.  If your an atheist, maybe you should rethink your position..?  Hey, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.!?



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