Texas vs. California

Having just returned from the PRC (the People’s Republic of California), I am so happy to be back home!  Driving their freeways is a very scary proposition if you aren’t an ex-fighter pilot.  Doing 85-90 on a crowded freeway is not my idea of fun — especially at night!  My guess is it’s probably safer to fly a jet than to drive on the 405 freeway!!?

Living in Texas however is an ‘experience’, not just a place.  To live here is not just having ‘stuff’ around you, but people who care about others.  Unlike in California, we here in Texas value more: others in our community, the freedoms we have, the conservative views we hold dear, our church family, and the opportunities that are becoming less available in other states.  (Which is probably why our population is going up!!?)

The following graphic probably doesn’t represent California.?!  My guess is, Lincoln had a community more like that of Texas in mind!!




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